Spey Reels... Ross Vs Lamson

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I have a Litespeed 4 and it is a great real.
Never had any problems. With a 9/10/11 windcutter
midbelly in it still holds 230 yds. of 30# backing.
Excellent sealed drag.

If I could only have one, I'd get the Ross. The differences between the two may not mean much when they are used as a spey reels for salmon or steelhead but if you every need a reel for saltwater species, particularly tropical species, the Ross would serve you better. :)

o mykiss

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I have a Ross Canyon Big Game 7 on my 14 ft. 9 weight spey. Like it alot, but have only recently started the spey rod gig and have not yet caught a fish on it.:-( I have a Lamson Velocity on my 10 wt. single hander that I've caught chums and kings up to 40+ lbs. and it has performed well. I am told the Velocity is the same basic reel as the Litespeed in a less fancy package. I am probably not the best judge, but it seems like the Ross is a better reel.


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i have 2 lamsons and 3 ross reels and the ross is the superior reel. the lamsons were bought first and were sent in to get revamped or whatever reels get done to them when they get sent in. they are now spare reels and the 2 gunnies and the canyon are my go to reels. if you lived next door you could borrow one for a reel test.
Both: are respected reel manufacturers.
Both: have AWESOME 30lb Steelhead Stopping drag systems.
Both: are MADE IN USA and have LIFETIME warranties.
Both: have their own awesome sealed drag systems:leaning towards more to the conical drag of the Lamson due to its drag being virtually 99.999% hidden and sealed from the elements.
Both: are top barstock aluminum.

I guess what it comes down to is PRICE and WEIGHT. Hummm, an 8/9 wt Litespeed at 6.5oz and 315.00, Big Game 8.0oz and 385.00... I'll take the Litespeed please. The Big Game being a clooose second though.
IMO, NOTHING beats Lamson's "Start up torque drag, being toooo low to measure" Which makes ALL the difference in the world.

For the price of the Big Game Canyon, you can almost get Lamson's Top of the Line ULA Force, which in my book is the Worlds most awesome reel in existance.
IMO again, dollar for dollar Lamson LA Reels are the BEST in the "Money is no object" catagory.

Peter ><>

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Remember NEITHER of these reels is actually sealed like both manfacturers say. If you spend any amount of time in the salt they will both let water into thier inards.

They both have lifetime warranties so you can always send em back for repairs and you will eventually have to if used heavily in a saltwater environment. If you do not believe me just call them and they both will admit it.

That being said they are both nice reels and if used mainly in freshwater you should not have any problems. I prefer the canyon BG of the two.

If money is no obeject get a loop LW or HD. They are the nicest reels out there by far in the "sealed" drag category. Another interesting reel is the new old florida nautilus. Sweet looking reel and a very nice sealed drag. This one looks to be really sealed but has only been around a few months so longevity is not known but I have heard nothing but good reports so far.


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