Pattern HELP: SE Alaska Coho Patterns

Ed Call

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No, I'm not forutnate enough to get my first AK trip for flyfishing. I do have a friend to whom I owe a huge favor. He fixed one of my rods and he's got a trip coming up later this year. I need to know what patterns give him the best shot at countless coho catching on the SE AK Rivers (not sure which one or ones but if it is that flow specific I'll report back, or he can chime in). I need to tie him up a LOT of flies for the rod repair favor he did for me. Please help focus my vise time. Thank you.
My favorite would be clousers, two tone with white as the underbelly and your favorite bright color on hot pink, orange,chartruse, kingfisher blue, with any type of yor favorite flash. 1/0,2,4 3x or 4x long are what I usually tie. I like adding a octupus stinger, but not necessary, keep your buck tail in check and not too long past the bend and will eliminate short strikes. Bunnies are great too, same colors as above. Lots of other patterns out there but these are no brainers and cheap and easy to tie.


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Pink starlight leeches Ed. Generally anything pink, bring wogs too. I prefer the foam techno wog to the standard deerhair pattern.

Steve Call

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Last September I had a lot of luck with purple and black egg sucking leaches for coho in SE Alaska. Purple was tops. Both coho and dollies went for a pale pink and white egg pattern with a little flash.


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Chartreuse/white, green/white, pink/white, and white/white clouser-style ties are tough to beat for most conditions here in SE AK.

Anything with a bit of contrasting color and a jiggy motion works, really.

Tie him some 'wogs, too...SE has VERY topwater-friendly cohos.

Ed Call

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Clousers, Wogs, ES Leeches and starlight leeches...gonna have to look that one up. Anything more to it than that, come on, this guy fixed my Bruce and Walker fiberglass switch rod...he deserves good focus time by me at the vise.

Thanks and keep them coming. Post a shot of your favorites too. I'm pretty visual...but keep the gross photos to yourself! My girls could be watching.

Rick Sharp

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The last time I went I registered on this forum on the advice of a friend who lives in Wasilla that I wanted to tie most my own flies for the trip for a few different rivers beyond the initial lodge we stayed at.
Bunch of great guys and a wealth of information, hopefully someday I can pay it forward for a few of them if they ever come to Washington.

Ed Call

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The AK forum site was a quick hit. I had tied up a few flies for Tyler and then there were some more patterns as I browsed the pages. Starlight leeches was one pattern. I tied up a bunch of flies in groups of four to send to the Puyallup Artist and Rod Builder for his thoughts. If I get more pattern input from him or you all I'll tie up some more.


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You don't need much more that clousers in various colors, and egg sucking leaches... Maybe some poppers to just in case. If the silvers won't hit ESLs they probably aren't gonna hit

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The only AK river I have experience with is the Talachulitna (sigh, I want to go back, I want to go back, I want to go back) but the top producer for me were Popsicle-style marabou flies. They were particularly effective on a dry line when we'd find schools of coho milling about in frog water (literally like cattle milling about in a stockyard) and these non-weighted flies have very low snagging rates (yep, so many fish that snagging could be a prob with weighted Flash flies and the like). Reds, oranges and pinks all produced, but it didn't matter that much, really. Black and white, purples -- they all got the job done. Also had a great day with weighted egg-sucking leeches in a faster run where I had to get the fly down. I was throwing my old Sage LL 6 weight to what I thought were (trophy) trout and they turned out to be coho. Caught them one after another at the head of rapid. Did I mention I want to go back?

Happy tying!


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