Lake Cushman, Mason County

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I have recently re-connected with some old friends and they live on the shore at Cushman. I have been doing some searching but no real info to be found on this lake for bugslingers besides the usual travel brochure crap.
On another note the lake is going to be down for the next 2 years because of dam repairs. The head of the lake now has just an amazing amount of structures to fish around.
While I plan on fishing it either way I am just just throwing this out there to see if anyone has any tips or patterns for this lake.
Thank You for any info

Kris Kerr

The Breaker of Tippets and Arrows
Thank you for the info!
I figured I could toss around all that structure. I will go check out price too. It's just nice to walk from house to lake haha.
Thank you
There are some flies that are pretty much universal.
Late spring, damsel fly nymphs and dragon fly nymph patterns can be good along with leach patterns.
Carey specials in green or orange, Stayner Duck tails and buggers in various sizes and colors.
Muddler Minnows are a good thing to have, sizes 8 and 10.
A selection of soft hackles is a good thing to have. Partridge and orange, partridge and brown and partridge and peacock are all good choices, sizes 12 thru 16.



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Bumping an old thread as I am heading out to a cabin on cushman this weekend. In an attempt to get away from the other couples (I like them seriously, but there's going to be a giant lake out my door), I'm packing the float tube and my type VI sinker. Any recommendations or recent reports? If I see a fish i'll be happy.

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