Need dimensions help.

Well, I am about ready to pull the trigger on a Skykomish Sunrise pontoon. The last piece of info I need (and can't find) are the dimensions of the assembled boat. Specifically, I am looking for the "footprint" of the pontoons to make a decision on transport options - that is, the width and length of where the pontoons touch down when on a hard surface. My rig is a Ford Explorer Sport Trac with hard tonneau cover. With a bed extender that utilizes the receiver hitch I have a couple of options. If anyone has that data or the overall width of the boat (can calculate footprint from the tube diameter) I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

10'6" long, 5' wide with 16" diameter toons. How long is the "bed" on your ride?
With the tailgate down only ~6 ft but the bed extender puts a support out around 10 ft from the front of the bed. I'd like to find a way to load it on top of the hard tonneau cover. Also not averse to getting a small trailer.
A trailer is a good idea. Keep it in the garage with the boat on and hook up anytime.
I know guys are getting them at Harbor Freight. We use a trailer I built and that leaves the bed of the truck open for all the crap we drag along.

Here's a cool trailer. I don't know who own's it ( but they're from Idaho), and I'd love to give credit where credit's due. I want to build one like this. I'd just have to figure out how to put Joni's boat on top.


This boat and trailer are up for sale. Check out the Classifieds. He wants $6500 for the boat and trailer. Beside the kickass trailer he has made a ton of mods to the boat. Wish I had that kind of money to spend. I would prefer a 2-man boat but don't have the cash right now.


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