Fish Cat Question

I've just "upgraded" to a Fish Cat from my funky old-but-reliable float tube and I have a problem. With every kick, the rubbing of my neoprene waders on the vinyl tube coating creates an annoying squeak. I've lost my stealth approach and quiet stillwater experience. It may improve when the water is warmer and I switch from neoprene to breathable waders but for now I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this and come up with a solution besides tying your legs together at the knees. Squeaky

Ed Call

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Depending on the pace you wish to go and the type of fins you use you might be able to lock your knees outward to your tubes. Then move yourself by only flexing your ankle and not a much more elongated full leg stroke.
I use a Fishcat and have the same "problem". Keeping your legs a little closer together does help. Also like Mumbles said, kick more with the ankles than thighs. I think you will find that the sound does not really spook the fish much. I still find fish feeding very near to me on occasion when I'm kicking around and I have caught plenty of fish from it. It's more of an annoyance than anything else. If you really find it troublesome try fishing Pass lake. The sound of the highway drowns out the sound of the squeak :clown:


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