2 Screw Hardy Zenith fly reel in blue & cream Hardy pouch, Excellent Condtion

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2 screw Hardy Zenith fly reel in cream and blue hardy case/pouch in excellent condition with dacron backing.
Purchased in October 2000 for my fly reel collection. Minor boat boat rash.
Functionally near perfect.


Pictures available on flickr under simpleinterest43 site name.

A great classic Hardy fly reel with the click in and click out sound of twin pawls that will perfectly fit a switch or spey rod at 8 oz. They will hear you play that steelie or atlantic.


I also have listed on wff a BOGDAN 300M (circa 1962, sr # 62-102) never used, classic gold and black multiplier spey fly reel. NOW SOLD
Recently sold reels/spools from my fly reel collection to wffers from posts on this site: yoda, speyfly, draggerman, boboo_3, etslater and also sold 26 other fly reels since February on ebay under simpleinterest.

simpleinterest 360 840 6012
Hi Randall
The Hardy Zenith, a Hardy Lightweight flyreel, sold in Bob Mariotts 2002 Catalog for $260 new with manufacturers capacity at of wf9F plus 80 yards of 18 # dacron. Diameter of 3 3/8 with 1 1/8 inch width. My reel with dacron backing scaled out at 8 oz. In the 2002-3 WW Doak catalog it is listed at 6.25 oz stripped.
Just for information I had a SA mastery steelhead line 105 ft wf8 +150yds of 20lb dacron backing on my zenith and had room for more backing
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