Steelhead in April

I'm going to be in Tacoma and Camano Island the weekend of April 16-19, visiting my daughter at UPS and attending first communion for my god-son on Camano. Hoped to get some fishing in on April 16 or 17. I've checked the archived reports and it appears that this is the tail end of winter steelhead. Anybody got any suggestions?


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About all that is open at that time is the Skagit above Concrete to Bacon Creek and the Sauk from the mouth to Darrington. Be sure to check with WDFW because they've been know to close things pretty fast lately. It is all CnR


Thanks. Well, I've still got the tulip festival in La Conner. I'll bring the camera.

Dan, the that's not what I hoped to hear.


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best chance of swimming a native in mid april would probable be the sauk. there is a good walk-in spot bout 7 miles southwest of rockport, down highway 530. big state park, lots of access to couple runs and a big pool. seen steelhead taken there, never fished em that late though, lotsa dollies in the area as well. also about another 7-10 miles closer to darrington ( 6 miles FROM darrington to be exact) there is some good access right near the highway that has yeilded "fish-on" for me every time i have hit it this year, always worth a try


The dumb kid
oh forgot about the other important part, flies... if your fishing abouve the suiattle, the river will be clearer and i seem to do well with a black bart ( for pattern). with the darker waters, just go for a bigger dark marabou and you should at least hit some dollies..... good fishin
Well, this certainly sounds better than tiptoeing through the tulips, then sipping lattes in La Conner. I know that the Peninsula is a better gig, but I'm concerned about getting out there and back in two days. I fished up around Darrington earlier in the summer and that's a pretty area. I think I'd like to go up that way again. I'll post a report if I make it up there.

Dan, the I like tulips as well as the next guy but would rather be fishing.


The dumb kid
good luck if you can make it up there. if you want some samples of the flies i use in the area send me an email


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