Misc outdoor gear - packs, stoves, dry bag/pack, etc.

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Dan Nelson

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Okay, an updated list since some has been sold and I've found a few more items to clear out of my gear closet:

Arc’Teryx Bora 95. $200
The Arc’Teryx Bora series has been the standard-bearer, the heart-and-soul, of this Northwest packmaker’s line since its inception. The new, improved Bora 95 moves the bar higher than ever for big multi-day trekking packs. When you need to carry gear for a long cross country trek, or pack extras for the family, this is the pack for you!! The solid Bora suspension system has a proven track record of handling big loads with maximum comfort and stability. The main pack compartment (accessible from the top and from a side-access zipper) carries the bulk of your load, while a roomy top-pocket holds small items secure. A roomy bottom compartment features a zip-away divider between it and the main compartment. The front of the pack features a big “kangaroo pocket” that is accessible from the top, or through the full-length front zipper. Regular size, fits torso lengths 18” to 21”. Roughly 92-liter volume (expandable to 102 liters). In excellent condition. Used only briefly one season – less than 20 days of use. Sold new for $435. See more here: http://bit.ly/Bora-85-1

Sierra Designs Moken 4 Car Camping Tent. $200
This big, 3-room tent boasts a central gathering hall for the group, and two separate rooms on the wings for couples to escape for a little privacy. This is an early version that was mismarked as a Moken 5. SD made two models: The Moken 4 and Moken 6. This is a Moken 4, but is imprinted with “Moken 5” on the stuff sack and side of the tent.
The Moken 4 has space for a family with bikes, dogs, and all the gear. Sophisticated Air Flow Vent systems keep fresh air flowing, while DAC Press Fit poles endure inclement weather. When the temps climb, you can "short sheet" the ends of rain fly, allowing flow-through ventilation into the end rooms. Sew Free windows provide a glance outside from the central common area, or stake out the enormous doors to create a shaded, open-air entrance. The whole kit packs into its own backpack with sewn-in pitching instruction, making carrying the Moken much more convenient than lugging a stuffed bag. It's the ultimate shelter for large groups, or any party with bikes, gear, or separate couples. Used on half-a-dozen camping trips. Treated extremely well. Just too big for one couple and their yellow lab (too big in terms of space – I was able to set it up by myself in less than 5 minutes). It’d Sold new for $550. See more here: http://bit.ly/hf3X0d

SOLD!Primus EtaExpress. New in box. $40
Ideal stove for fast and light backpacking. Boils a liter of water in less than 3 minutes. Weighs just 14.5 ounces (without fuel canister). System includes 1-liter pot, integrated windscreen and stove. The efficient burner will give you nearly a full hour of burn time at maximum flame when using a small canister. Sells new for $90. See more here: http://www.rei.com/product/767566

Primus EtaPower. Lightly used. $60
This may well be the most efficient group (2-4 person) backpacking cook system you’ll ever find. Though the system comes complete with a 1.7 liter non-stick pot, the Primus EtaPower stove can be used with virtually any pot or pan, and – unlike may canister stoves where the burner is attached to the canister -- for cold weather use, the non-attached canister can be flipped over for better performance (an old snow-traveler’s trick: in cold temps, the pressurized fuel stays in a liquid form, so doesn’t draw as readily from the top. Turning the canister negates this problem). The stove also includes a preheating coil which reduces energy consumption and improves performance in extreme cold. The low-profile design provides excellent stability and a piezo igniter sparks the stove to life with a push of a button, eliminating worries about wet matches or burning your hand. Sells new for $115. See more here: http://www.rei.com/product/767944

Seal Line Grand Portage 3.5 (75 liters). $40
Duluth-style drybag/pack
Lightly used (one extended trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area), this is the Seal Line Grand Portage #3.5 dry pack in green. This bag has the same roll-down closure as the Seal Like Boundary bags, but has more padding on the straps and has a more horizontal orientation and a large flap on the top. Styled after the traditional Duluth Packs found in the upper Mid-West canoe country. Features include a grab handle, side cinch straps, roll-down dry seal closure, 34-ounce vinyl side & bottom. Weight: 4 lb. 5 oz. Size: 21 x 7 x 30 in. Volume: 4500 cubic in. (~75 liters). It is no longer made, but still found in some close-out shops. It sold for $110 new.

Kelty Axle Rolling Duffle. $75
Great, durable rolling duffle. Lightly used – only one trip to Iceland. In held my hiking gear, and basically sat in a hotel room while I was out hiking. So its only real use was to hold gear during the air travel from Seattle to Reykjavik. Huge U-shaped zipper for easy access to main compartment. Three large storage pockets and two zippered stash pockets for additional gear. Two carry handles and a retractable cart handle for convenient carrying. 28" L x 14.5" W x 13" Sold new for $175.

SOLD!Pelican 1500 hard case, $50
Medium-sized (16.75” x 11” x 6”) hard case, with foam inserts. Grey color. The pick-and-pluck foam insert has been plucked to fit an EOS 10D (also fits 20D, 40D or 50D as well as most other dSLRs) with an attached 28-135mm lens. Other spaces created for a 12-18mm lens, a 400mm lens and accessories. New foam insert sets can be had for ~$30. (http://bit.ly/iczzgL). Case is watertight and crushproof. It features an automatic pressure-equalization valve to ensure it can be opened easily even when its undergone significant pressure change (i.e. change in elevation). http://amzn.to/gA1Sz9 Sold new for ~$140​

Millet Odyssee 60+10 Backpack. NEW. $100
Never used, this is a well-reviewed pack that earned praise from Backpacker magazine,as well as Backpacking Light blog. It will fit torso lengths of 17- to 21-inches and is well-suited for overnight trips as well as multiday treks. The hipbelt is molded to fit snugly around the iliac crest, keeping the load weight on your skeletal structure. The 6-liter core volume can be extended to 70 liters thanks to the expansion collar at the top of the main compartment. Deep zippered pockets along the side of the pack, and a floating top pocket provide good storage options for fast-access to needed items. An internal hydration pouch accepts any hydration bladder and keeps it suspended upright for smooth flow. A plethora of attachment points allow secondary gear to be strapped onto the exterior of the pack those few times you need to carry more gear than fits inside this room trekkers backpack. A gear pack for trail and off-trail trekking. Sells new for $199. http://www.rei.com/product/798307

REI Crestrail 70, $100
Lightly used pack – one week-plus trip into Grand Canyon. Ideal for multiple days on the trail. The new Crestrail line provides great structure and load support without excess weight. This size Medium pack will fit torso lengths of 16” to 20” comfortably. Sells new for $229. http://www.rei.com/product/809761


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FS: Misc outdoor gear - packs, stoves, dry bag/pack, etc.

PM sent on the Primus EtaExpress. New in box. $40

Dan Nelson

Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum
FS: Misc outdoor gear - packs, stoves, dry bag/pack, etc.

Joel, It's a GREAT tent. Basically two small bedrooms and a large open living space. With a big vestibul/porch out front.
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