Are these pics yours?

Kent Lufkin

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Kent, my choice of words above were 'off the top,' but I think I got it right.
Fred, to disagree slightly, there is a difference between a trademark and a copyright, although it's a subtle one. To your original post, the 'ante' is lower for copyright infringement than it is for trademark violation. When a trademark is registered, a violation is a LOT easier to prove.

The McDonald's logo of the golden arches with the word McDonalds below it is the company's logo that is used as it's registered trademark. The fact that they registered it means it's protected and that they could sue us if you and I opened a hamburger shop using the same logo. But if we opened a fly shop and called it McDonalds and didn't use the golden arches as a part of our mark, we'd probably be OK. To belabor the point a bit more, the photos that McDonald's uses in its advertising are not part of their trademark but are copyrighted none the less, whether or not they're identified as such specifically. If we decided to 'borrow' one as a part of our new fly shop's ad campaign, the deep-pocketed McDonald's would probably take exception and sue us.

The copyrighted images that the bozo in question in this thread 'borrowed', were done so without permission. Even though the original copyright owners (if they can demonstrate original ownership) may have a legal basis for a claim, they'd have to prove how they were damaged in order to move forward (as well as deep pockets to hire an attorney, despite no guarantee for collecting an award in spite of a judgement.)

To kick this dead horse one last time, 'borrowing' a photo, image or words you 'found' on the Internet is both legally and morally wrong. The moral of this story: don't steal other people's images from competitors' web sites or Google Images. Just because they're there, doesn't mean you can claim them as your own without liability :)

The story is true. The "guide" misappropriated a photo belonging to my client. That photo, like all original works (photos, poems, manuscripts) automatically has copyright protection when created. On behalf of my client, I wrote the "guide" and demanded he cease using the photo. I also forwarded a copy of the demand letter to the website designer demanding he take action to remove the photo. That photo was taken down.

In the course of my investigation of this "guide," I learned that he was not licensed as a guide in Washington in 2011. That information was turned over the WDFW enforcement officer.

Since that time, I have learned that the "guide" misappropriated other photos and documents.
In the course of my investigation of this "guide," I learned that he was not licensed as a guide in Washington in 2011. That information was turned over the WDFW enforcement officer.
Good work digging that up! Hopefully he gets nailed for each and every trip he guided this year! I know he was offering half price trips on facebook recently.


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This is just another example of what happens when you post hero shots on the internet. I seldom take pictures of any of the fish or game I capture & never post my picture on the internet. I guess I'm as famous as I need to be.


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FYI it appears the aforementioned so called guide has not updated his web site or Facebook account since the end of March. Plus it looks like he has moved out of the motel he was living at for the last year and ahalf. Seems he may have moved on to play his games some place else.

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Douchefoolery at the least. Criminal more likely. Salmon Candy, props to you for rolling the fool to WDFW. KerryS, ballz, you've got ballz and friends that think you are doing the right thing at the right time because it is the right thing to do.

Ed Call

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Just going out on a limb, but I believe it's behavior that falls just between asshattery and sackmongering.
I must admit, ashamed, that I stole the term douchefoolery from another valued member of WFF. I do believe that the intent of said word, douchefoolery, is to conjure up the image of some sick and twisted social deviant that can do no right. I like the blending theory of Flyborg's, somewhere between asshattery and sackmongering. Might kick in a dash of chokecockery as well.

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