Lines that aren't skagits...what do you use?



Since it got started and since I'm am starting to pull off the skagits, thought this is a good discussion on some of the lines out there that will throw from small to just about everything but the big heavy junk effectively and NOT a skagit..

Rods and lengths aside as skill level will dictate with some how long etc. they can use...

to start:

The good old delta....this is a sweet line still and with tips can throw out decent sized flies...might not be the tightest loop caster in the bunch but is still one of the best all around fishing lines...I don't like the running line on these as they are to fat IMHO and take away some of the casting distance..I have one on my 13' rod now and forgot how much fun it is to fish after a winter with the skagit...

Nextcast fall favorite..(head only) I say head only as the complete line was IMHO horrible in that there was no color change from line to head which meant you had to mark it yourself somehow..(felt pen) the running line was fat and too short..they have corrected this by making the head..Originally I used it as my dry fly or grease line last year...bombs line with tight loops so good in the loops, Now I've seen them with a removable 5' or so floater and tips (light like delta or lighter rio's can be added) think this might be my new all around everything line...comes in 45 and 70'
(as an aside, I used the 6/7 45' on my 14' 6/7 mks and it was amazing)

Airflo compact scandi's....I love these lines as well...great for smaller to some medium sized CAN order them heavier in the skagit range and they will take tips with some cutting back etc. but for normal use true pleasures to cast and with polyleaders or mono...a good choice for most smaller stuff..

I'll stop here and let anyone else add their choices or thoughts..there are a buttload of new lines etc. out there..interested in hearing what you guys are using, chopping, finding that work ???


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Other than Skagit? Traditional double taper fly lines. Short head Spey lines - I bought a bunch of Orvis on closeout a few years back, so I have them from size 6 to 12, most of them to chop up and play around with. I've got this Airflow 8 wt Spey line, that's all it says on it, plus some tips. I think it's a basic short head Spey. Then I've got a couple Windcutters and an Accelerator - older lines that came with some like-new Hardy reels I bought. I've got Spey lines I surely don't know what to do with.

As for work, they all work. My favorite style is a short head Spey in all floating, minimal amount of stripping and cast as close to elegantly as I can Spey cast.

Yup, the Accelerator handles tips nice, at least if you cut it back at the hinge. And I got a 5/6 vector this winter and it's a gem. I was very surprised that it easily threw 10 ft. of Z8 and a 3 inch leech with no trouble. Very capable line.


Brady, you used tips on your vector? Did you cut it back and tip it? Damn, that is also one of my new fav's. very interesting that!!!

I'm bastardizing my old windcutters and delta's for tips to put on the Fall Favorite and I'll wait to hear what you say Brady for the vector as well....
Yeah, the first few outings I stuck with polyleaders, intermediate and fast sink, and it really sung. Easy to fish with and a joy to cast. Last time out I figured I would try a piece of zinc tip, and while not as perfectly pretty as the polyleader, it still turned it nice. No cutting, straight off the full line. If you wanted to go longer than 10 feet and heavier than Z8 or T8 than maybe it would benifit from a little snip. But maybe the bigger vectors can handle bigger tips,...mine was the 5/6 on a 12'6" 5/6/7 Highlander
That airflo tactical steelhead line is the cat's meow if short, non-skagit lines are your thing! The 9 weight on the ARC-1509 or LS2-1509 or the Winston 15' 8/9 is just friggin' sweet!!!! The 7 weight on the 7wt echo2 rod is slick too. I like that line better than the regular delta now. You can interchange the tips and it'll turn over anything.

I fished my buddy's Guideline DDC with the intermediate head and sink tips this winter for a weekend and it was pretty sweet on an LS2-1408 once I figured out how to get the line out of the water and that I had to mend it quickly before the head sank below the surface. It cast some tight loops with big flies which surprised me.

I have an Ace Vision shooting head that is pretty nice on an echo2 9wt...although it won't turn over the heavy stuff very well.

95% of the time no matter what time of the year it is, I'm fishing either the CND GPS or the SA XLT on a 15' or 16' rod. I love those long bellies and long rods...who wants to manage all of the shooting line??? And I feel like I can control the swing of my fly a lot better because its easier to mend that long belly right where you want to in order to slow it way down or speed it up with out pulling your fly back to the surface.

I only own one skagit line . It helps that I don`t have a winter steel river with-in 3 hours of home . Even when the T is open in Dec. , a type 3 is about as heavy tip as you`ll need .

Lines I own and like are the Delta , Delta Long , SA Shorthead , SA Classic , SA XLT , a few Windcutters , Grandspey , an old Beulah long belly line (that rocks) , Snowbee 2d ,a DT, and a bucket full of scandi heads .

Don`t use the Windcutters too much anymore.

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Delta's are SUPER all around fishing lines and turn over some surprisingly big stuff very well if you adjust as a caster in stroke and timing and line stick out ...Windcutters, a close second...


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Leroy, we've been missing our flag ship "passive aggressive guy." Welcome. And please, don't send me a PM saying your "Just kidding," or "Don't take me seriously." That's what makes passive agressive- passive aggressive.

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Leroy, we've been missing our flag ship "passive aggressive guy." Welcome. And please, don't send me a PM saying your "Just kidding," or "Don't take me seriously." That's what makes passive agressive- passive aggressive.
You guys?

Best in class??? A Rio Double taper = GRANDSPEY!

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Aint no nookie like chinookie
Leroy, we've been missing our flag ship "passive aggressive guy." Welcome. And please, don't send me a PM saying your "Just kidding," or "Don't take me seriously." That's what makes passive agressive- passive aggressive.
Jeez yer a sensative fella-:rofl: You got the wrong thread Man , yours is the "Everyone agree with me about my longerbellie line or I'll be pissed thread" ... Nice psych lesson though, ya got me dialed !


I need to check my vector...anyone put delta tips on the tactical steelhead line? how that work..

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