SRC estuaries?

i have fished for src's at picnic point and meadowdale beach, but i am looking for a smaller more suclude estuary. You know the type linned with trees around them and no train tracks near by. Are there some of these in the south sound, and where can i find one. thanks for the help.

roger stephens

Just a suggestion, get out your Atlas/Gazetteer or beach aerial photos(home page on this site) and check out the many estuaries along Hood Canal. Much of the enjoyment of SRC's is the search to find the productive areas. If you put in the effort to find them, some advice is to keep quiet about these locations so that you may enjoyment them in relative solitude in future years.

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
No, after finding them, the appropriate thing to do is to post the location here, so that all of western washington knows where to go in the South Sound for SRCs, and leave all my secret places alone.


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