Reels, reels, reels!!!

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Here's what I have:
Abel TR1 with 4wt/wf line $125...near perfect condition SOLD!!!
Tibor Spring Creek with 4wt/dt line $200...near perfect condition
Galvan Open Back with extra spool $150...excellent condition SOLD!!!
Lamson Velocity Hard Alox 3.5 $175...excellent condition
Orvis Battenkill Large arbor big game 6 with 12wt tarpon line $175...brand new SOLD
Abel pt.5 big game ported frame $200...excellent condition SOLD
Billy Pate Salmon Reel $225...good condition SOLD!!!
Now I see the OB is marked sold. I will assume that someone contacted you (seller) via pm prior to my "I'll take it" and you just assumed, instead of letting me know, that I would come back to the thread and notice it marked as sold. If that is the case, I've come back and now see that it is marked as such.
Not open for further replies.

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