FS: Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor IV reel. (6-8 wt) Lightly used.

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Dan Nelson

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I have a slightly used Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor IV available. Ideally suited for 6-8 wt line. I’ve used it only a few times on big rivers – but I seldom fish anything bigger than a 5 wt anymore and this is just one reel too many for me (it was a gift that frankly I never really had any use for – I’ve got reels matched to all my rods, so this is a spare that never gets used). It’s a great reel, though, and someone should get some great enjoyment out of it.

It is about 6 years old (2005-06 model), and maybe has 10 days of fishing on it (used with a 6 wt line in rivers – never been in the salt). This is one of the series that was made in England (I don’t believe any of the Battenkill reels are made in England any more). No problems or blemishes. Comes with the soft green leather/tan cordura zippered case and 120 yards of hi-viz orange 20-pound Dacron backing.

See additional details about the Battenkill LA series here:

Asking $100.

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