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I will be out in the Seattle area this year on business, and would like to get in some fly fishing in the state. Can anyone give me an idea of where to look/who to contact for info on hike-in fly fishing for trout, or public access river areas? Does not have to be near Seattle...I can travel, camp, hike in, whatever. I just want to catch and release trout...or smallies...size does not matter much, I just like to fly fish and enjoy the outdoors.
What time of the year will you be here? You've got lots of options depending on the season although there are always the usual suspects like the Yakima River, Pass Lake, Rocky Ford Creek, Lake Lenice, etc., etc., etc. Or how about the numerous saltwater options for salmon or searun cutts?
Depending on when you will be here, the forks of the Snoqualmie can be pretty fun. The fish are nothing to brag about, but there are plenty of them. The south fork right off of I-90 can be very productive for 8"-10" fish. I am not sure when the south fork opens though. The middle fork is open year round with special regs, it can be a good producer also.

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