Dec Hogan, Modern Spey Casting

Matt Burke

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I just bought the Dec Hogan DVD and I liked it. Granted. there wasn't much that I didn't already know, but I don't think that was the point of the video. It wasn't about throwing the perfect Spey cast with all the tradition and form. Dec demonstrated several very fishable casts. There was practicality and a style about his casting that I found very similar to my own. It was all about getting the fly out there and fishing.

I liked the replay of the casting. It would play the first couple seconds or first part of the cast. Then it would repeat with a couple more seconds, then repeat again through the whole cast. Most videos only have the cast a couple times and regular speed. I have to capture these to my hard drive, slow them down in my video software and then dissect them to understand the cast. I can just throw Dec's DVD in and play it back and forth.

Plus, he goes into detail about working the fly through a run. The JU-JU factor, as he calls it, is an important aspect of fishing. You have to be ready for the take while fishing the fly like you did the first cast after you caught your first Steelhead. But even if it takes a whole year, you have to be ready. I have missed a lot of takes because I wasn't ready.

There was a nice section on working the fish and reviving it too. What to look for before release, etc. Dec also talks about actually fishing up against the bank from hell. Improvising your cast to adapt to the obstacles. The DVD was short, but short and efficient like his casting. I will be able to use it to work with my casting and improve my snake roll. I just liked the idea of a Spey DVD that was all about catching Steelhead instead of sitting there watching how nice your loops look, going out a hundred feet.
This is a nice addition to my collection of Spey footage.

Matt Burke

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Matt thanks for the review. Most casting videos are pretty blah.
I to enjoy seeing the fishing perspective instead of the casting
perspective. I enjoy casting well but I have hooked fish with
really bad casts. The kind of cast you think you should redo
but you decide to let it swing.


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