Yep, more Water Master questions, but these are actually new (I think) . . .

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For your guys that have Water Masters and fish lakes where you have to hike in, say Lenice, Nunnally, et al, do you inflate your raft at the parking lot and use a device to tote it in, or do you inflate/assemble raft at the lake itself?

Also, what do you use to hold your raft steady/still during breezes, say, when you're chironomid fishing? Do any of you use any type of anchoring arrangement when floating a river, say the Yakima? And, finally (for now), how many of you are using a different oar/frame setup than the stock oar system that comes attached to the raft?

Thanks for your help!


I carry mine inflated by just putting it on top of my head and walking in. I don't use an anchor when bobber watching, just use my fins to keep me steady. River fishing I use my raft or DB 'cause I like to have the option of fishing on anchor.


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I have been hiking my WM's (in the bag) into Lenice and Nunnally for a few years. I use a foot pump to inflate at the launch. When I'm all setup to fish there is too much loose stuff on the boat to carry it more than 100 feet or so . . . not to mention I wouldn't want to try to hike with a fully inflated WM in any kind of wind. I use a 4lb downrigger ball for an anchor. I never used to but Irafly convinced me to try it and I'm not going back. That little anchor is easy to hike with and holds in most fishable wind conditions. All the D-rings on WM's make it easy to rig an anchor without a dedicated "system". I like the upgraded oars but they are overkill for lakes. One last thought . . . Lately I've been fishing out of my SuperCat in the desert lakes and leaning towards not hiking my WM's in to lakes that are easily covered without oars. WM's are great to fish out of but clunky to hike with.
I have had a WM grizzly for less than a year. I have used it on lakes easily accessed and on rivers.

On lakes I prefer the WM to my tube. My pontoon is better than the WM but it takes more effort to set up. So, on smaller lakes I prefer the WM. It is very easy to inflate with my K-pump. I don't often use a bobber, but it would be no problem to use my lighter weight mushroom anchor and a cord if I wanted to stay in position. With all the D rings it would be no problem to fasten the anchor.

On a river like the Yakima I far prefer my WM to my pontoon because I can fish on the go. I have gone from Ringer to Reds and not used my oars and fished all the way. You can't do that with a pontoon.

I took a river safety class from Dave McCoy who taught me one should never anchor an inflated craft on a river expect in places where one can stand up safely. So, it more or less follows that you should not, don't need, to anchor a WM on a river. Instead, just stand up and fish.

When I am faced with the opportunity to fish Lenice, I think I will hike to the lake with the WM deflated in the pack and then I will fold and put the empty pack behind the seat. I haven't done this yet so I don't know how well it will work. I carry the WM from my back yard to the car in back pack mode and it is easy and relatively comfortable.

I have never considered a frame for my WM. It is surprisingly stout when inflated. I use force fins for mobility and a frame might make that more difficult and/or less effective.

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I have the larger Kodiak and have taken it to Lenice/Nunnally a few times (mostly the latter with longer walk...). I like to take my lab with me when I fish and it gives him a great perch. I've also taken my WM in pre-inflated from the parking lot, but like others have said it's tough bringing in the rest of the gear. However, if you plan to fish at least two days in a row it's the only way to go. The constant breakdown and set-up to put it back in the bag gets old QUICK. Honestly, I'm at the point where I think I'd rather get a dog-sitter and fish from a Fishcat. WMs are awesome on rivers but just a bit much for lakes unless you can drive right up and toss it in. Once on the water with your K9 pal, the oars and a cold beer it's pretty good livin' tho!

I've been hitting the SRC fishery lately and have been eyeing lots of beach heads that would require trespassing across private beaches to access. In my WM, it's all fair game once I get in the water from a public launch. Can't wait for the pink run and getting to some otherwise off-limit spots in W. Seattle.


oh yeah!
I have a WM Grizzly and haul it and my other gear into Lenice using a wagon and then inflate it when I get there. Tried using a handcart but that didn't work well on Nunnley, wheels kept getting burid in the sand.

I hauled it down to Dusty once and almost had a stroke carrying it back up along with my other gear. I have a portable anchor but find it easier just using my fins to keep it study, except in the wind, when nothing works. I do use the anchor on rivers to make sure that it does leave the beach without me... the power of moving water is amazing.

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