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In preparation for the coming season, I have been considering buying a new rod. I currently have a St.Croix UFT 996(9'9"6wt), I am happy with it. I do most of my fishing deep in lakes, so it has been a strong rod to dredge with. It is not very aesthetically pleasing. I have been considering a 9+foot Sage XP. I like a very fast action rod. What is your opinion. I want a higher end rod, has to have a lifetime guarantee, has to be longer that nine feet(or 9'), and has to break down small enough that I can carry it on my motorcycle(4pc), and has to be lighter than the six I have curently. What do you think of Five Piece rods. How about th Orvis T-3? Winston?
I'd also like this rod to be the last trout rod I ever buy, if that is possible. Is that too tall an order?
What reel would you put on this rod, I'm a sucker for machined aluminum.

Thanks For Your Input :DUNNO


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Ive have always heard, but dont have any first hand knowledge, that with a pack rod you sacrifice performance. My primary rod is a G Loomis 9' 5wt. 2-piece. Ive taken it everywhere. Even on several pack trips with no problems. I think I have caught more fish with the five than I have with any other. In my opinion a 5wt is the ideal choice for all around fishing. It light enough to provide fun on smaller fish but has enough power to handle things a bit bigger.
Good luck and I hope this helps.
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If you like a very fast action you can't go wrong with a G Loomis. I have not fished a GL2, GL3 or GLX, but I have a 9' 5wt IMX (opened the door to the GL series) and love it. I built it (poor job too) myself and broke the tip on the Deschutes (my fault). G Loomis gave me a new blank so all I had to do was re-wrap the top. Yes, the top of one blank fit the butt of another. That is not a given, just a little luck and some uniformity from the factory I guess. Now I have a spare butt. Many custom rod builders rate the IMX as one of the sweetest fast action blanks even with all the new (and very expensive) rods available. Just my bias.

Good luck,


I have a GL3 9'5wt and wouldn't trade it for the world. It casts like a dream. But on the other hand I just got a St Croix 9'4wt. And although I've only casted it out in the grass,it seems to do all right. I will know soon as I will go find me a lake and try it. But it's just got to warm up just a little more. Jim S. :COOK

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