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Aanyone fish big twin on the opner? I'd like to fish it for two days if the water isn't too cold still. Will wait a few more weeks to fish the Okanogon area lakes.

Vladimir Steblina

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No fish in Big twin, never has had good fishing
That's just not true. Big Twin fished really well six or seven years ago. It made those long business trips to Winthrop bearable.

It was also a great fishery before it became a selective lake.

Give it a few more years and there will be a lake missing. That will make the fishing real difficult.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
Last couple of years....I have mostly caught 14 inch fish out of Twin.

Maybe you guys are doing better. I did enjoy the lake five or six years ago.

Last outing was not pretty. That is I was NOT catching fish and other people WERE.

I just gave away all my fishing secrets in a three part posting on my blog site. Good thing that there were so few that I could cover it.
Big Twin fished well lasr year many fish in the 18 range, I fished probably 10 different weekends last year. The BEST years for me at big twin were in the early 90"s when true hogs roamed the waters, plus you had bgi cutts plus the bows. I'll find out next weekend how it is.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
I suspect that I am really not that good of a fisherman.

I have been able to find lakes at peak production and keep switching it makes me think I am a better fisherman. There are some benefits to being a professional Forester with all that training.

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