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Be the guide...
I spent a lot of time fishing BH Nymphs, small woolly buggers and streamers, and occassional dries for SRCs this summer on the snoqualmie. I only hooked one confirmed steelhead doing that. But I did catch a much wider variety of fish doing it that way. Several whitefish, plenty of SRCs, that one steelhead, a few 12-15inch 'rainbows' (?), and the small silver salmon in my avator. I don't know why I couldn't find a few more steelhead trying that, but I'll try again next summer. Maybe it was because I was focusing too much on SRC holding water and not enough time in good steelhead water...


The dumb kid
i would reccomend fishing a river with a larger run of summers. fishing bh nymphs we took a total of 22 metals on one individual pattern in 3 months. if your using buggers, keep them SPARSE. big problem i see with a few people who shall not be named **cough** my dad**cough** he was using like 3 full marabou plumes for the tail, and got the occasional fish but not like the luck i had on bh. just keep it natural and sparse!



Be the guide...
It would be nice to be able to choose my home river based on run size from year to year, but for now, the Snoqualmie it will have to be (and when I target them, I do much better, this last summer I was more interested in learning all I could about the SRCs in the river).


The dumb kid
he does not seem competitive to me, he simple catches fish and is trying to share his knowledge and experience with the rest of us... whats wrong with that?

I have fished with Clay and believe me he is not competitive. He would rather see you hook into a fish than himself. He just loves to fish for Steelehead, I can understand that. I am addicted to them. :smokin


The dumb kid
umm flyfisher, open your eyes.. i feel safe saying that anyone who has done battle with them is addicted.... its what drives us. if they were not addictive, would you get up at 3 in the morning, drive for 4 hours and hike 2 miles to fish a stretch of river that is 100% unfished and holding steelhead? i know i would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb :thumb :beer1 :beer2

Okay your messing with my head telling me that there is a Steelhead river that is 100% unfished!!LOL I not only would get up an 3 in the morning I would drive for two days and hike 10 miles to get to that! :beer2


The dumb kid
" stretch of river 100% unfished" and for the books, i know of 2 little rivers that are open, but i have never seen another soul on. and yes, there are the occasional steelhead in them. not like the big rivers, but they are there... better yet one of them is about 10 miles from here.. no hiking needed!!!!!

alright Tom what kind of a bribe are we talking here? I can tie some mean flies just ask the guys. Gas money? if you were Old man I would even throw in some donuts too! Do you live down here on the southside? you can send me a private e-mail.:7 :7

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I can take you to a few places that don't have many foot prints on the bank and there are summer runs there also. And besides I'm trying to cut down on the donuts. But this is a summer time river. And you don't have to hike ten miles to get there either.

More secret places,and being as old as I am I have found a few of them.

Hey I am there ! I am taking 2 weeks in june I am just going to drive around the state and Fish my head off! I am starting in Pend Orielle on Brown's lake and I am working my way west and stopping in chopaka lake. but I didn't plan anything after that yet but I am definitely going by your way. and I am not one to hike! I will check out a date in june this week and let you know! thanks I am honored. :beer2

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I would like to do what you are talking about but I would like to do the whole summer. Being retired has it's moments of glory. And doing just that isn't one of them. But this one river that I'm talking about has to do with the spring run off. If the snow melts early it is good to go but if there is alot and it don't the river will be too high. But not to worry as I have a whole lot more that ain't high.



The dumb kid
fisher, what ya saying.. bribes? i dont take bribes.. i just fish. when your fishing your sox off in june stop by snohomish county.. ill show you the meaning of metalhead

tom:smokin :beer1

Sharp Steelie

Headstrong1 - sorry, not trying to be competitive at
all, just trying to be helpful, share, and get some
people to try what I already know (and some others on
this board know) really works. Check out the fly patterns
that I stick with when I really want to catch fish -
they are all posted. I think it would be great if
everyone came up with there own simple patterns that
could bring them a lot of success. I've had an amazing
amount of fun fly fishing for Steelies and until all this
stuff started didn't even realize just how successful
was really doing - It's all about fun and watching others
have fun. You really want to know what I'm proud about -
Watching and helping my Son catch his first Steelhead,
Watching Toby catch his first Steelhead, Watching Steve
catch his first Steelhead, Watching Steve hook and land
more fish than yours truly just this past summer. It's
really a neat feeling to help others and watch it work.
I believe anyone can have the same success and fun - it's
not pride, ego, competiveness, selfishness etc. It's
Faith! If some people want to go fishing with me - great!
If they don't - oh well! If they want to try what has
worked incredibly well for me - great!, if they don't -
oh well! If someone goes with me that has never caught
a Steelhead and I hook a fish first, I will hand them
my fly rod and the fish will be their's - thats a
promise - The only expectation I have, is a simple
thanks. Of course, if you share with someone else - that
would be cool also.:thumb

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