Steelhead help...

Hey there Metal Heads,

I wish to finally embark upon summer steelheading with a fly rod. Bought a TFO 8wt this winter and I have two matching AFF Alpha 9/10 Wts with backing ready for lines...will get home from my job in AK mid June and am headed straight to PSFC to get them lined up and fully sussed. Got a nice full box of SH flies I bought here last winter. Have beads(please no drama over this, my goal is to catch fish, not Zen out...:)) so after that...Where should I go?? Have driven by the Met MANY times but never fished it. Don't mistake my ignorance as broadform. Been an avid trout guy for many yrs, both river AND stillwater, with a yearly trout pilgrimage to Craig MT(if yer Lookin for a GREAT guide on The Missouri, PM me), just wanna take advantage of a fishery those poor(tongue in cheek) MT souls are geographically forced to miss out on.


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