Lower Deschutes, OR 6-7 May 2011


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Floated Nena to Harpham Flats twice on Friday and Saturday. No Salmon flies hatching, but they were still hitting dry fly imitations such as #8 Norm Woods, so they must have seen a few recently. Lots of action on golden stone fly nymphs. Had a 16” and a few that size that did some nice acrobatics before spitting the hook. Didn’t get a lot of pics, but attached is the Mrs with a standard sized fish. There were many very silvery 10-12” that were most likely Steelhead smolts. The redbands were bigger and very crimson colored. Crowds were small. Should be better in a week or 2 as the bugs move up the river. There are only 3 or 4 stops on the far side that make this 3 mi float worth while, but it sure was nice to get out and practice some small rapids. Someday I’ll tackle Boxcar…….someday.

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