Bass - W. Side Lakes

Chris Scoones

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I have some family on Ames lake, outside of Redmond a few miles. This summer I was walking down to the dock and few feet from it I noticed near the shore a couple really big bass. I've never fly fished for bass but have the understanding that stripping large streamers / poppers are the ticket.

For those that have targeted bass on occasion I'd appreciate any tips and or patterns you could suggest.

Seeing the family is great. Seeing the family and catching a bass seams a little better. :BIGSMILE

if you are looking for bass i fish bay lake out towards key center by
penrose state park it has tons of largemouth bass in it from 10" to 20" inches long the average bass out there is about 14 inches and about a pound or two my personal best at bay is 18" inches but i have
caught a lot in the 16 inch range.Big leech patterns and poppers work
really good in the summer and spring plus they stock a lot of rainbows
in there and there is literally millions of bluegill if you want to catch a few of those plus there is catfish yellow perch and i caught a 22" inch brown trout out of bay one evening.don't go to bay after july because the weeds take over and the deepest part of bay lake is only 10 to 12 feet deep so all you need is a floating fly line.Try to avoid the weekends in the spring because there are a lot of bait chuckers after there 5 trout or 30 depends on the person.please c&r
the bass and trout so they get bigger.good luck. :THUMBSUP
3-4 years ago the wdfw did alot of shocking around the lakes around the area I live to see if the bass were eating the juvenile salmon and cutthroat. I talked to a biologist and he told me bass primarly feed on those little sculpins, and crawdads, and leeches. if a fish at all a bluegill or wounded trout. that makes sense cause most bass I have caught have been on jigs, tubes, rubberworms. but fly fishing for them has gave me little or no success. my teenage years were living on waterfront on long lake so I had many, many hours to fly fish for them and night was best for poppers. streamers caught many big blue gill and crappie. crawdad patterns and brown,black,purple, leech or sculphin patterns fished on a sink tip s-l-o-w-l-y. I'm hangin up the salt water gear in a couple of weeks to fish bass on a fly till the post spawn. then I'll have a better answer. they also shocked some 10+ bass around here to. tight lines Ben