Any recent Lenice/Nunnally report?

Heading to Lenice this weekend and I havent heard anything for a few weeks. I would guess damsels have started as well as mayflies. Anyone been there recently?

Thanks for all info.


~El Pescador
I can give you a report on Monday
I plan to be there Friday evening and all day on Saturday
camping in the lot (pretty sure)

I fished it all last week. No action on damsel imitations, and have not hit a good Mayfly hatch there in a couple of years. I did average a fish per half hour on Chironomids. Here is a few pics of my son with 2 Tigers and a Bow

Jay Burman

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Nice pics! I forgot how beautiful Lenice lake can be. I haven't been there for a few years due to my concerns over car break ins and the increasing difficulty of transporting my 'toon up the hill back to my car.

Scott Salzer

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"Suffering builds character!" That difficulty getting up the hill back to the car should build "character".

I am not aware of any break in problems in the past few years. Poaching is a different matter.



~El Pescador
I like the flat water
pretty sure I'll be there as I mentioned earlier
did wwell there a few weeks ago in the late afternoon
beer and Pendleton Friday night!
I was there yesterday and had my usual day at Lenice although the way the day started I thought it might be better than usual. 10 minutes in I landed what must of been a RB almost 20 inches (didn't fit in my net). After that it was grabs and LLR with the smaller plants. Landed a couple more RB later. I used GBH leeches, Damsel fly nymphs, and slow retrieved chironimids (I don't usually bobber fish). The little guys really grabbed the chironimids and were very acrobatic.

Very little surface activity although chironimids (size 20-22) and an occasional mayfly were coming off all day. Turn over happened at around Noon and lasted the rest of the day so the surface was filled with junk when I pulled out. Very little wind and comfortable temps.

Good luck!!

John P.
Thanks Jay...It is beautyful there. I have been staying at lake Lenice now for one week a year for the past 26 years. I have never been broken into there. This year I saw the game warden there at least 3 times. Thats a good thing. For that matter I don't know If I have ever seen anybody broke into at Lenice. (Not to say that it doesn't happen, I'm sure someone on this board has been broken into there) It seems that there are usually enough fisherman walking in and out of the parking lot that thief's would prefer a less populated place.
We arrived at the lake around 930ish Friday morning. There was a constant wind of around 10-15 mph all day long. Fishing as a whole was pretty slow for this time of year. There were 15-20 rigs in the parking lot and it was a warm day high around 75. Most guys were chironomid fishing as well as few doing the trolling thing, talking with most people it was a slow day. I didnt see anyone catching fish consistantly. We fished until 530 and we landed slightly over a dozen fish between us, the lake fished better the 2nd half of the day. Most fish were the new plants that ranged from 12-15 inches and we had a few 18-20 inches, all rainbows. Stomach samples revealed fish were full of olive Daphnia, very few chironomids, this was very different then only a few weeks ago from my sampling. In my experience when trout are on daphina fishing can be difficult.


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Daphnia is a genus of Crustacean. They are sometimes so prolific in our lakes, that trout will feed on them, seemingly to the exclusion of anything else. However, they are so small that imitating an individual is virtually impossible. Some flies have been designed to imitate a bunch of them with a single fly. However, opinions vary rather widely on how successfully this actually works.


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While testing out a new rod yesterday, I caught and throat sampled a few trout that were full of daphnia, along with a few midges. If I had to guess on ratio, I would have said 90:10 in favor of the daphnia by volume. If it were by sheer numbers, well, let's just say there were say too many to count.