water skeeter pontoon

I am looking for some new bladders that i could put in a water skeeter pontoon . I understand that the company folded but other than not holding air the boat is in good shape .I have a new rampage with all the bell and whistleson the way but want this for my son to use bawling:


Skunk Happens
I have a pair that are just taking up space. They're 8 footers. They haven't been inflated for a couple years because I bought some Scadden tubes that I am using instead. If you're interested, I can pump them up to make sure they still hold air.


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I bought a new set of Maxxon tubes last year & they are wonderful. They are sold here by a company called Evergoing. this is their web address & you can email them direct,

Sales @ evergoing .us

Very informative info & friendly service reps, as well as a decent price for some 14' tubes. Dual chambered, & tough as nails, I wouldn't want to get into a patch of thorns, but they handle most everything else quite well. A well made quality product, albeit they were each a little heavier than I had thought. which just adds to the toughness, & durability though.

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