A Tough Sunny Friday.

Got out early and hit the lake at 0:6:freaking 15. The 3/4 moon was high in the western sky and the surface of the lake looked like a bathtub! No shucks on the water and so at least that was a good sign.

Fished slow coveriing the water from bottom to top. Nada. No fish coming up and no hatch. Cycled some flies and about 9:30 or so decided to go and park and get the kinks out. Wished I had some Hostess powder coated dognuts. Pushed backout and hooked a decent 15 incher. Must have been a retard I was thinking. Worked up through the deep slot and the rod bent down and it felt like a log. Shit, strip strip strip . and it still felt like a log. Pulled in about 20 feet of line and then the log headed down and out to the center of the lake. This is NOT a log. All the line I stripped in was out of the canoe and then a surge and another 30 feet of line off the reel. This is a decent fish. Keep it tight and keep it cool I say! About 100 feet out I see a fish roll with my line trailing behind it! This is a BIG fish. Keep it cool! Then the line goes slack, the SOB is coming at me and I cann't feel the fish. Is it on? Have I lost it? About 20 feet out a big roll and my line is still tight. The fish is on and it is a NICE fish. Eventually I get it to the net and it is a NICE cutt. Probably pushing 20 inches plus.

Fished until 2:30 and hooked 3 more cutts. Two were around 17 and one about 15. One of the 17's was hooked in the pectoral fin and put up quite a good accounting.


Rob Ast

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Not all donuts rock. I can't stand crispy creme donuts - all air and sugar. Give ma a good old deep fried cake donut any day of the week.
Had a similar experience on a hooked fish.
On lake Goodwin; I untied the boat from the dock and threw out my 8# type 6 sinker while moving at 2.5 mph so I wouldn't snag on one of the many prevailent rocks on the shallow point and my line came to a full stop. Darn, snagged a rock I thought, had the electric mortor in reverse and was making progress back to the snag when my rod started pumping as I gathered line back. Whoa, back to foward thrust and this fish had some serious weight! A four to five minute battle ensued and had a good veiw of the fish in the shallows. It turned out to be one of the many very large smallmouths I had seen prowling around the docks in my back yard. The fish was about eight pounds and was released to fight another day.
My set-up and fly were intended for the bigger fish in 25 to 35 feet of water that were on my sonar and sometimes on my line.
After the release I spotted my coffee mug on the dock. No doughnuts were injured in this story :)
They're called Krispy Kremes and I can eat a dozen. I hail from the Deep South though so I have that regional bias. Not that I don't like a good Old Fashioned. Tiny Doughnuts anyone? Anyway, good report. Pectoral hooked fish generally do make an accounting of themselves. That usually happens to me when I'm fishing droppers off dries. I doubt you were doing that in a lake though.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Very good, Dave! But ya know, I discovered that big cutts are allergic to donuts. Lucky for you you had none, and avoided the "donut curse."
Donuts are a thing of the past for this kid. I no longer eat donuts, cake, pies, ice cream, candy bars, soda pop, etc. No more refined sugar bombs! Except I may have a Cliff Bar in my pack for emergency rations or for a long paddle or hike out toward the end of the day. For quick energy now, I usually bring dried fruit, apples, or bananas.

I know what you mean about the refined sugar. I try to avoid it as much as possible. I also avoid all the salty snacks like pretzels, chips, cheetos with all the empty calories and high sodium content. But there are times when it seems to be a craving, like when I have been sitting bored out of my mind in the canoe waiting for the fish to wake up.

Getting older is so much freaking fun I can barely stand it!


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Yes, those rare cravings are why I don't even keep any of that stuff around! Moments of weakness....:beathead:
Gotta agree that this second childhood is way fun, except that I miss being more flexible and resilient than I feel lately. Those Gumby days are long gone! If the surfing looks good, I'll go out and surf til my arms are done, or a leg cramp sends me in. Very addicting self-punishment, this surfing!
I need to get back to fly fishing more, instead of beating myself into a pulp all the time out in the surf. I've been out of the lineup now for 10 days due to a muscle pull, which has also kept me from paddling my kayoe. I'm almost ready to go out and have at it some more.
Hitting a lake with the bug wand sounds pretty nice right now. I'm just vicariously grooving on all the bitchin' reports, like yours and Roger Stephen's.