After work report

Hit a Kitsap beach tonight after work and fished the last bit of the outgoing for about 1.5 hours. Started off with a popper and had several fish trying everything they could to annihilate that evil thing, but they were unable finish the job. They were literally jumping all over the damn thing, but not hooking up. It was quite entertaining, though a bit frustrating. After the surface action calmed down I switched to a chum baby and quickly landed 2 smallish cutts.

Switched back to a popper and proceeded to miss several more fish in exciting fashion. I still have yet to land a fish on a popper.

With about 20 minutes left I threw on the last popsicle stick I had in my box, and had hits for 7 straight casts before I finally thought to check my hook and found that the tip had ticked off. Oops.

Packed up and headed home to deep fried shrimp and french fries for dinner. Not a bad end to the day. Now I just need to figure out a way to tie up some more popsicle sticks.

Ed Call

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That is a magical photo right there. Add a chum baby, popper, sand lance, epoxy minnow, euphasiid and clouser and your SRC box is off to the races.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
The only thing more helpful to reducing impact of fishing on fish populations than non-fishing is "nick and not hook". Nice report, sounds like a really fun and frustrating evening with lots of action.

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