I was baptized by Momma Smallie on Sunday

I have seen the light! Momma Smallie, 18+” fat belly and beautiful bar markings with a devilish red eye. She slammed my black wooley bugger on Sunday at Potholes Res. Couldn’t raise a single trout bite at Hampton Lake in the Seeps lake area for our first camping/fishing trip of the year. So, I tried that huge body of water versus the drive into the Seep Lakes. Ended up taking 4 smallies in an afternoon of fishing. The others were males 14” long. Rather slow, but the size and power of the fish made up for it. I am sure the 3wt might have something to do with it.

And, I have the devilish red sunburn on my arms to remind me of her eyes...

Shawn West

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An 18" smallie on a 3wt rod? That must have been one heck of an experience. Talk about being at the mercy of the fish. How long did it take you to get her to the net? Either way, great job.

For a minute I thought the rod might break, so i finned away till she calmed down a bit. The rod is a Sage VT2 if I remember correctly; i bought it to take hiking and backpacking in the mountains since it is so light. Turns out, it is my 2nd favorite rod in the arsenal. The flex of the tip/rod is so whippy, I found out she is great for strong takes; ie chironomids that get slammed by kamloops trout, and, now smallies in the big pond. As long as i have room to play and not hoist one out of cover.

I was very surprised at the whole experience as she was my very first smallie. Can't wait to try again.

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