Washingtonion's are getting a bad rap!


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I know this does not apply for many. But I thought it deserves a discusion. And does need to be addressed. I've heard a bit of this living in Southwest Washington and now I'm hearing it daily here in Montana. The rumor is that Washitonion's are rude and disrespectfull. Especially people living in and around the Seattle area. I'm doing the best I can to defend our name here in Montana. But it seems every person I meet, rather it be a shop owner or a fellow guide, people are giving me grief for being a Washington native. A shop owner has told me he is tired of people from Washington coming over walking into the shop, asking how the fishing is, asking what fly to use, then after getting great info, walking out without even buying a single fly. And a camp host has told me about Washington campers buying all their food in Washington, camping, and leaving all their trash in Montana. And I guess we need to lay off Rock Creek. People in that area are seriously pissed. They've nicknamed Spokane.. Spocompton.
Ok, so my take on this is so. We may be used to having a bit more people on our rivers. What we think a good distance is for a fellow fisherman, is different here in Montana. We need to be more sensitive of that and allow a bit more space. Believe it or not a Monatana's idea of low holing could be a distance of more than 50 yards. I heard once, especcially in a walk and wade situation,
that if a fisherman can see you than your fishing too close.
And everyone should know this as a common courtesy. If your going to get good advice from a stranger especcially a shop owner than buy something. Even if it's only a dollar. If your trout bumming and your broke, fine express that, hell maybe share a fly pattern that you use in your area.
I don't mean to rant but it's getting old, Washington being reffered to as the new California.
This message is not meant to finger point. But simply an awareness message. Summer is coming and I do realize there's bad seeds in any state. But we are Washitonion's, we are better than every one else (kidding), so lets act like it!


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Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

Let them bitch, when they get sick they always come to spokane or seattle to get the medical treatments. people just like to complain


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Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

My 3 cents...
1.) WA leads the field in the "piggy" department. Of the many states I have visited, WA is by far the "trashiest"; just look along our street's and highways...pathetic.
2.) Generally speaking, both coasts are less genuine, less accepting and less cordial than the mid west.
3.) I live in WA only for work... we will retire in MT.


Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

They're all jealous 'cause our basketball team is better than theirs.


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Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

Meh... You're from Washington. What do you expect them to do? Complain to you about Californians or Oregonutans? Guess what you would have heard if you were from California?:rofl::rofl: Could be worse, if you were from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, or Wyoming, you would have got the "Steers 'n Queers" line...

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Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

We're just there "other" people. We have californians. New Hampshirites have massholes. Idahoan's have montanans. Indiannan's have Kentuckians. America has the South. Well you get the picture.

Additionally, locals have the hatches dialed. They don't need the info.

As far as people on the coasts being less genuine. That's horseshit. Northeaserners are very genuine. They tell you exactly what they think. Less polite? Maybe....if you like having someone waste your time. My brither finds West coasters to be rude cuz they won't tell him what they are thinking.

You see, it's all about perspective.

Go Sox,

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Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

Sheesh . . . last time I was in Montana I dropped probably close to $75 on flies, $60 on a fly line, $20 or so for a new hat and $90 or so on a new pyramid anchor. That was just me. The other three guys in my group also dropped plenty of cash at the fly shop we frequented. We paid to camp at a local privately owned campground. We bought a few other things like beer and a few meals on the way there and back. And we were perfectly pleasant and friendly to all the people we met (except some fellers from a country I won't name just so I don't have to be accused of being a bigot who dragged every fish they caught up on the bank and left it there for 15 minutes while they took dozens of photos of the poor thing lying on the dirt or gravel). If those Montanan's would prefer we not come their way, I suppose we could go someplace where we'd be more welcome. Or maybe we'll just go anyway to piss them off. It's a free country after all.


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Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

Good write up, I agree, if you are going to ask for advice, return the favor and buy something. If you don't need any flies, buy a hat. I think some of us folks from the coast get used to the crowds and the way of life over here. It sure doesn't hurt to show some additional respect and patronage. Just my thoughts and I am not trying to preach to anyone.
Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

I think you must be hanging out with a bunch of complainers. We spend time in Montana and get a great reception. Never heard a discouraging word, (and the skies are not cloudy all day...)
And the west side of Washington calls Spokane, Spokomptonso thats not news. It's because your all jealous of the great fishing we have here.


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Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

I would not oppose a California-esque border stop on WA's east coast, to confiscate those MT bobbers and keep the balloon indicators away from our steelhead. I'm sure Oregon would quickly follow.
Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

Thumper I think I see the problem it's Washitonians they are pissed at. We are Washingtonites. The Montaaaaanans are just confused.,
Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

I agree that anyone that walks into a fly shop with arrogance and tries to portray themselves as some "hoity-toitie" from anywhere will be frowned upon by most Montana fly shops. I have seen guides and shop owners get berated by individuals that claim to be some "big-wig" from somewhere(not exclusive to Seattle) that think that most native Montanians are all "hicks in the sticks". In great Montana fashion, they usually get an ear full of unpleasantries that surprise the hell out of them as they are escorted out the door. I have caught many in lies and love to witness them backpedaling out of thier story. Montana natives are a group of free and independent people and are not impressed with where people come from, job titles or salaries. Family values, morales, honesty and community involvement are the most highly regarded characteristics.


While it is true that Montana has not met you yet, I have heard many say that you are trying to push your liberal "two-handed" rod agenda upon everyone so that one day we will all be required to wear tweed on the river in a nation with socalized healthcare. Just what I have heard...:)

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