Which small lake boat to get?

Hey all,

I'm a newb to the boat owner arena so I'll apologize in advance if these questions are "stupid". Basically I'd like to get a boat (not inflatable) that I can use for taking the family (myself, wife and daughter) out on smaller lakes. Of course, I would like to do some fishing while we're taking in the scenery (which is the primary angle I'm running with) :) The requirements (as far as I know anyway) are:

1. Non inflatable boat that can accomodate 2 adults and a child
2. Will only be used on small/calm lakes
3. Easy hookup for electric motor (most of the smaller lakes around western WA only allow electric).
4. Doesn't cost an excessive amount of moneys
5. Easy to transport. I'd like to avoid a trailer if at all possible. We have an Oddessey 2006 van but not sure what options there are for easy transport.
6. Related to (5), we live in a house but storage (for trailer/boat) is limited. Realistically, a boat would probably be the max (i.e., no trailer). If it could fit going through the gate to the backyard I could prop it up against the house. The gate is roughly 50 inches wide so it would probably have to moved on its side.

Like I said, I'm a complete newb to this (I do have a pontoon but that is different) and if my requirements are way out of whack feel free to tell me so :)

Thanks in advance!


2 adults and child = at least 12', probably 14' if you want room for gear. I'd suggest forgetting about "no trailer" and just accept that you need one for a boat that fits 3 comfortably. Get a nice 14' jonboat with a 55lb thrust electric and your party of 3 will be fishing.
Thanks all for the great feedback/suggestions. Thatll help narrow down options and further research. I'll loop back again on my decision or if I have further questions.

Hi all,

Decided to try out the: 124smb Motor Package (SeaEagle). Looking forward to getting it soon!

Thanks for all the help/suggestions.
Ok - next minor problem (perhaps I'm making it out to be bigger than it is) - Battery. The boat came with Minn Kota 30 and I need to get a 12V deep cycle battery. Any recommendations on where to find something "relatively" cheap locally and where? I got the power center (http://www.amazon.com/MinnKota-Trol...HKMG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1306990047&sr=8-1) since it seemed like a solid recommendation but it fits something called group 24/27 batteries. Looking around it seems every battery has its own designation. Any help greatly appreciated.


Rick Todd

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Wal Mart has both series 24 and 27 deep cycle marine batteries for about $60-70. The 24 is smaller and lighter and should be all you need for a day on the water. If you want to go a couple days without recharging (like a weekend) go with the size 27. That is what I have and it works well in both my drift boat and my two man Scadden. Rick

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