Single or double?

I now have free time and getting ready to build a switch rod for my self. I am going with the Batson 10'8 8wt. My other rods that I have built have all been 6wt and under with single foot guides. I use the Forhan's wrap to keep them in place but I was wondering If a heaver 8wt should have snake guides or do they hold the same and it doesn't really matter. Any help is welcome :thumb:

Bert Kinghorn

Formerly "nextcast"
Use Forhan wraps and you will be fine with the singles.

A reason to consider using snakes is if you think you might ever use lines with interlockng loops (for sink tips, etc.). If so, larger snakes (#3s and up) will give the connection a bit more room to fly through your guides when a good fish finds your fly.
They should hold as well, I personally would use the snakes, if for no other reason than the one mentioned above.

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