Lighter drag on Scientific Angler System 2

Paul Huffman

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I got a Scientific Anglers System 2 89 a last month via Ebay. (Sorry, Gary's) When I tried it out for the first
time, I rigged the terminal end with some 5x, much lighter than I would for it's intended use on bonefish or
steelhead (Now maybe carp). But a big old trout broke my tippet and took my zonker. I couldn't figure out
how to turn the drag way down. At it's lightest it's still fairly stout. Now I'm getting zonked for getting it on
eBay: no manual, and no dealer to walk me through this. Is there some kind of adjustment inside for light
drag ranges? Or is there some source for manuals?


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Take off the spool. on the frame of the reel you will notice some small screws (depending on the reel there may be only one screw)that are holding a plate on a hex nut. undo those screws carefully. lift the plate off the hex nut. loosen the nut a quarter turn. You'll have to line up the nut so that the plate fits back on it. put the screws back in and you are done. You may have to do it a couple of times before you get the drag right where you want it. Don't blame Ebay or the person who sold it to you. I use my 8/9 on largemouth usually with a 12 pound tippet. I have my drag adjusted pretty darn tight too. The previous owner probably never dreamed of using 5x on it... The reel is probably fine and if you ever want to chase something big with it, you have a reel that can handle it.

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
Niiiiiiiice! That's the range I was looking for. Thanks for the help.
Is that other set screw opposite the brake cover pair to change the direction?

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