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I have drifted the Sauk several times in my drift boat from the Suiattle River to the Government bridge.I am interested in the stretch of river from the Darrington bridge down to the Suiattle River.I am looking for information as to how difficult this section might be and any special hazards to watch for.
Thanks for any comments.

roger stephens

My fishing pal and I floated that stretch of the Sauk River(Darrington to Suiattle) three weeks ago in an inflateable raft and it was easily so should be a piece of cake in your drift boat. The float took about 6 hours. We are going to float it again tomorrow and will be using a bike(about a 6 mile ride) to get back the truck. We will be targeting Dolly Varden which are catch and release after Feb. 28. Hope that helps you.


Hi Roger & Dave:

I have the same questions - Dave how is the water on the float you did - and do you have any advice on best water flow/CFS to fish/float? I have a combo guide model Hyde drift boat, and I am wondering how difficult (or easy) the float is?

Where are the put ins and take outs you used for each float?

In case you haven't seen it - following is the link for WDFW boat launches.

Thanks in advance - and see you on the Sauk! :)

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I haven't floated it, but everyone says the real hazard from Darrinton to the Suiattle is that it changes all the time. This last high water probably caused a lot of changes. There are supposed to be some spots where you must know the right channel to take so make sure you have good, up to date info before going. And take a rope!
Isn't Government bridge the one just below the Suiattle? Or am I just flaking here?


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The drift from Suiattle to Government bridge was not difficult in my opinion and I sure would'nt consider myself an expert on the oars.Be alert and you should'nt have any problems.
I can't speak as to what the best flows might be in terms of CFS.
The put in for Suiattle to Gov bridge is right under the bridge at Suiattle and the take out is on the west side of the Sauk just south of the Gov bridge.
The put in for Darrington to Suiattle is at the lumber mill just outside(north of)Darrington and the take out is at the
Suiattle bridge.
Thanks for the boat launch site.

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