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Got to love those bull trout (aka Dollies when the fly rod is in hand)!!

Bull trout are a great adjunct to our sea-run cutthroat and I'm constantly torn as to which I prefer though if pushed for one last day at either it would be a day of cutthroat fishing during Indian summer day on a North Sound river. At other times of the year the bulls might get the nod.

DD -
Congrats on a very nice bull. I'm always surprised how infrequently such fish are caught. Snorkel surveys in the Skagit basin found that such fish were often 1 to 2% of the pre-spwan staging population yet we rarely hear of such fish being caught. Behavorially they seem to be much more like lagre browns than cutthroat. Your success with that fish shold be taking as a testimony to both your pattern and presentation.

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Dale Dennis

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Thank you Curt, I’ve always valued your insight regarding our anadromos speices.
With the success being had in the Salt during spring and summer I still look forward to those Indian summer days on the river as you do, just two different ball games to enjoy.