A good lake to teach kids flyfishing


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On the way home from Colville on Wednesday evening I stopped at little Frater Lake (11 acres) and checked for an evening hatch. It was on big time. Midges were coming off and trout were feeding over the entire lake. And what looked like some nice fish too for so small a lake. So this morning I went up with my 2 wt to fish some cronies and dry flies. When I got there it was just a feeding frenzy as fish were slurping flies everywhere I looked.

I forgot about the chironomids and tied on a Dandelion Emerger with an orangish post and a brown hackle. Many of the midges in this lake are orange in color and my emerger was a big hit. I probably caught close to 15 fish before the hackle got chewed off by the cutthroat's teeth. Most of the fish were in the 10-12" range-not big but all cutts and very pretty and aggressive. Then I changed over to a chironomid in the hopes of getting below the surface feeders and picking up some bigger fish. It worked on the first cast as I landed a 13'' fish and minutes later I landed a beautiful deep bodied 16'' fish.

The lake appears to be packed with cutthroats and some of the carryover fish are a decent size. This lake is 10 miles from my doorstep so it makes a nice little late evening outing when all the fish seem to be looking up.

So what makes this lake good for kids? Well, the size for one thing, it is pretty compact. And it is kind of sheltered and not in the direct path of the winds that often blow across the pass. It has a huge paved parking lot because it is a winter X-country ski area, picnic tables and decent potties and there is a handy hiking trail around the lake for those who aren't into fishing. And lots of fish right now.

The only negative (which is actually a positive) is that there is no boat ramp that you can back a boat down to the lake on. You can get close with a small cartopper and of course 'toons and tubes are a cinch to launch. This seems to protect the lake somewhat, probably the reason there are some nice carryovers. And there is very little opportunity to bank fish so that further reduces the pressure.

It would be a nice day trip for some of you Spokane guys and if you want to camp there is a nice campground just a couple of miles away.

You might get bored catching 10-12'' fish-I sure do-but I doubt if the kids will especially when they get the occasional 15-16 incher.


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