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I'm looking to purchase my first raft trailer. Anyone have recommendations on places In Montana or Idaho?

Sleeping Giant/Mobile Repair in Livingston. Best trailers I have seen and awesome family,

Sunshine Sports in Billings also makes a great one, 406.252.3724.


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Thanks! In Bozeman, so it would be nice to buy something locally. Are you aware of an email or pricing for Sleeping Giant. I see they don't have a website and there is very little information online.



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Talked to sleeping Giant. Lady was super helpful and is going to send me some photos. Is powder coating that expansive? If I heard right, it was 1,000 more for the powder coating.


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Powder coating is expensive...especially for a smaller volume location that has an oven big enough to fit an trailer frame in the oven.


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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show off our raft Trailers. Attached are a few options on our trailers. Our standard raft trailer prices, as per our conversation are:

Powder Coated: $2035.00
(includes tilt, tie down rails, roller, winch and stand, 14” tires with a 2000# torflex axle. The deck is painted, both sides of 3/4” AC Plywood)

Additional Options are:
Jack: 61.75
Spare Tire and Carrier: 204.00
Treks deck option: 350.00

What do you think? I don't know that much about cars or trailers, but is 2000lb torflex axle good?

Tank you,
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I'd prefer a galvanized trailer myself, but I'm not sure who would do that in the Bozeman area. I don't believe that galvanizing costs much more than a regular paint job.

I think you'd get rock chips over time on any painted trailer, powder coated or otherwise, but it's really easy to do touch ups with a can of Rustoleum spray paint.

Don't know if you contacted them when you got your quotes for powder coating, but Powder Coating Montana located in Belgrade were recommended to me in the past when I was considering getting a roof rack powder coated.
I am having Mike Schultz with M & S in Molalla build me a custom trailer after looking all over. He has made some upgrades namely the winch tower and winch. His winch is not removable with a pul pin setup and he is using a bigger winch which is not welded on anymore. I am having extra D-rings and a lockable oar box made which he says you can pop the winch off and lock it up in the oar box. Hopefully I will take delivery within the next two weeks. I have a 143D with a three station frame.
Be sure and post photos when it is done.


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He did a nice job. Easy time at the boat ramp and the oar box is a nice touch.
Hi there,

I am looking to have Mike at MS Metal Works make me a raft trailer and was interested in your specs and upgrades and anything you would change now that you've had yours for a couple of years. I have a Super Duper Puma, but would like to size up either to a 146DD or a 156R in the next couple of years.
Some questions:
How is the oar box working out for you?
Does is scrape the ground ever at unimproved take outs?
Do the oars bounce around in their. looking to upgrade from Carlisles to wood Sawyers and don't want them stolen or damaged.

Has the winch been good? Still working?
What size/model did you have put on?
Do you think a truck tailgate could drop/ a Jeep Cherokee hatch open with the winch in place. Distance from ball to winch post? Mike just says "it depends"

What size tires did you get? Like 'em?
Roller still working?

Any other feedback or suggestions would be really appreciated.

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