Short Okanogon Report.


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My girlfriend and I fish Fri-Sun. This was her first time out this year and I was hoping to get her into some fish, an some is all we got. We got on the water at Blue lake around noon. The weather was perfect, cloudy with no wind. The water was off colored and very high. Fished the south end back bay, (circle). We've done well there in the past, but not this time. We fish deep and got a lot of short strikes. My girlfriend then fished her new intermediate line for the first time and liked it. She picked up a few on it and her type 3. I got 8 or so on both of these types of line. There was very little surface ativity, not like the weekend before. We fish until 9 pm or so and headed back to the Conconully camp ground and a quail dinner. To be fair we only fished a limited area on the lake and not our usual haunts. Talked to another fisherman and he had caught 14 the day before and only 10 on the day we fished it.
The next day we fished Green lake east of Conconully. Got on the water around10am. I did well there a few weeks back but not this time. We fished the shallow water with damsel nymphs and only picked up a few fish. One guy fishing deep picked up quite a few fish and his buddy fishing chronos was hot. I wanted my girlfriend to try dries for the first time. There was some fish rising near the shore line. The wind had picked up so I anchored up and let her hang on to my pontoon boat. We set up her other rod with dry line and a may fly emerger. She is not a very good caster because the only thing I taught her was to fish sinking line from a float tube. She cast surprisingly well and was able able to cast the 20-25 feet to the shore line. She missed a take down on her first cast but caught a fish on the second. That fish jumped a few time and got off. She caught two more on dries that she netted before the hatch stopped. She really enjoyed the dry fly fishing and did well for her first try. We had to leave around 5pm to meet some friend back at camp for a venison kabobs dinner and some beer.
She wanted to fish blue lake again because the fish were bigger there than the ones in green. I should have thought more about fishing it before we went. It had rained hard on Sat evening and it was even more off colored when we arrive on Sun. It was windy when we got on the water and to make it short, we both blanked and left for home around 2pm :(
Well my girlfriend is no longer a one trick pony, now that she has her intermediate and floating lines. A few more casting lessons and she will be able to catch fish with dries and cast her intermediate line a bit better.
By the way, I bought some half backs for this trip and I was not saved by them.:hmmm:

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