Aeneas report


In search of Trout
Just spent 5 days fishing Aeneas, slow..... Tried high, low, large, small, fast, slow, bright, dull.... just couldn't find a consistant fly or method. I picked up a few and the ones that I did hook up with were strong fighters and worth the wait. Talked to one fellow Yesterday and he was thinking that with the Okanogan running so high and brown that the water being pumped into Aeneas may have so much food in it for the fish, that they may not be that interested??

Saw a few other folks on the water, off and on, but didn't see much action by anyone else. If anyone else on this forum was there and has a different experience, please let me know. Especially if you found something that worked consistantly. It kind of reminded me of the fishing at Rocky Forde, you finally tie on a fly that gets a fish interested and you think "okay I found the fly" only to discover that it only works once. (at least for me)

I will be heading back to Aeneas in a week with my son for a little father/son fishing trip and will keep at it. Later


Idiot Savant
I think you'll be liable to see Scott and myself there the 23rd-26th sometime...we might give night fishing Aeneas a shot...

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