Pattern Bass fly/lure

I bought some "flylips" from Anglersworkshop and am trying to figure a good way to use them. Here is the first attempt. It has not been fished yet. These things seem to be pretty easy to use, but balance may be an issue, and I am not real sure how it will cast with the lip.


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They look good, I really like the last one. If you have a problem with balance you could always trim the lip down.

As far as casting goes that may be highly entertaining the first couple times but I am sure you will figure it out. Could always throw them in a dish full of water to check out the balance.


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I gave up on lipped flies except the Popovics silicone lipped flies because of the balance thing. Oh yeah. And they cast like leaves :rofl:

You can definitely get them to swim right with some trimming, but you'll probably find you have to retrieve them very slowly to track well. Which is actually a good thing in bass fishing. Your catch rate might even go up just form slowing down!

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