Rattlesnake Lake Poaching

Think you and your dad rowed passed me a couple of times. I was watching the guys near the boat ramp but didn't see anything my self. A couple weeks ago two guys were way down at the northwest end of the lake fishing off the bank. I'm always sceptical of bank anglers at RSLfor some reason.
They guy who was cleaning fish was on the north shorem right next to the large exposed rocks below Rattlesnake mountain. It was hard to tell he was even fishing becasue he would cast his line out and set his pole on the ground, Probably fishing worms/powerbait/ or something to that affect. He left about an hour after we got on the water, 30 minutes or so after we said something to him. Couldnt tell how many fish her had caught, we only saw him clean 1 but who knowes how long he was out there. I didnt notice the guys by the ramp. Im guessing if the were fishing illegally by the ramp they probably were unaware of the rules, or just really stupid.
Well first off since this is my first post on the forum, I'd like to say hi. Second of all, I'd definitely report this. The local WDFW Officer is Chris Moszeter and he is a hard charger and a great guy to deal with. On a side note, I was out there fishing last week with my buddy. We were trolling in the evening and had quite a few bites but didn't land anything.
Hey mate good on you for confronting him. Too bad he was an idiot. Poaching is just a shame. I mean I hardly ever go to rattlesnake just because I love to eat some fresh trout and I can't do it there. So i go to a lake where I can. Catch and release lakes, streams, and creeks are definitely a resource where you can take a beginner and hopefully get them good bites because people aren't wiping out the population.

I will be sure to number down for poaching in my phone as well. As far as being serious I'm not sure how Wa state is since i just started seriously fishing it, but I know down in cali they will take your gear, the car you used to get there, and you boat if you are using one and seize it.
when you call 911 from your cell it goes to the state patrol and you tell you are reporting a crime and ask to talk to a game warden since they are state troopers now and that means if the game warden is 100 miles away since there is not enough of them! A stater should be able to help since a game warden is probably caught someone for speeding on the highway when they should be cuffin poachers and not speeders!
Just to clarify the game wardens are not State Troopers. They are Fish and Wildlife Officers. They are dispatched via the state patrol though.