New Sage Rod series: The One

Ian Broadie

Flyfishing is so "Metal"
Not going to read all 7 pages but the name "The One" only led me in one direction... edited slightly for audience:

Three Rods for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Montana where the Trout lie.
One Rod to rule them all, One Rod to find them,
One Rod to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Montana where the trout lie.

Ian Broadie

Flyfishing is so "Metal"
Good one!
Damn.....I loved the story of Frito, Spam, Moxie and Pepsi.
Oh yes, I read Bored of the Rings as a teenager :D... Maybe we should lampoon rod manufacturing/marketing, by using an add campaign about a Frito being being quite flustered and conflicted about learning to cast "The One Rod" :D

In all seriousness I do see the need for new products and marketing them to new customers in order to stay in business, I just happen to think that the name chosen for this particular series is rather silly.
Wonder if there will be infringement accusations? I see Fred Paddock, noted rod maker, makes a glass rod, "The One". Damned nice one, too!

"Bored of the Rings" had me in stitches in the 70's.


"Just Fish!"
Hey Sport - just let us know when you've cast both rods, side by side, and can report back with some insightful comments.
"Sport" I have cast both side by side. I like you am a bit biased and prefer the "One". My point is that this forum for the most part is an annonimous place for folks to post their opinions. These opinions can be tainted by commercial interests/loyalties with various manufaturers. Many posters do not share these loyalties/affiliations when posting opinions about products. I commend you that you point out where your loyalty lies. I was not trying to get personal, just providing some reasoning why there are 7 pages of comments pro and con the new "One" before it has been released to the general public.


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Rep. came by the shop last week with a bunch for us to cast. I have to say, the "One" is pretty bad ass. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it seems much more progressive than the ad lets on. Its right at home with a gold, and is very, very accurate. All in all, pretty impressed.


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Rep. came by the shop last week with a bunch for us to cast. I have to say, the "One" is pretty bad ass. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it seems much more progressive than the ad lets on. Its right at home with a gold, and is very, very accurate. All in all, pretty impressed.
Hard to tell from pics I have seen, but are the reel seats on the heavier rods silver or bronze? I thought it might be same seat as the TCX, but I read one product description as both the lighter and heavier reel seats bronze in color. Just curious.
I've never walked away from fishing experience because of inferior equipment, however, I have said "do you mind if I just try your Z-axis?" Big mistake.... and I was fishing a Sage.
That same experience just had me spend $400 on a Winston BiiX 690-4 off eBay last week. Casted my dad's and realized that it actually made a HUGE difference vs my Sage Launch. I was perfectly happy with the $200 Launch up until that point :) Kind of like the first time I drove an Audi or Porsche - "oh, that's what it feels like to turn at high speed!" Not that the new rod will necessarilly catch more fish, but it certainly will improve my distance and accuracy, which couldn't hurt!


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Without question, Sage has always made some of the finest casting tools around, and I doubt this one will be an exception to that trend. What would separate this rod from some of its predecessors (in my mind), thereby justifying its lofty moniker, would be if it was as effective at holding fish as it was at casting.

I never used to think about it much, but on a recent outing with a guide/friend, we discussed the pros and cons of a mid-priced Echo Spey rod I was trying out, and he mentioned that he loved everything about it except that it didn't flex deeply enough when fighting fish to hold them with the regularity he liked. He said he had the same thoughts about Sage Z-Axis switch rods (great casters, marginal fish fighters). Sure enough, later that day, I hooked a steelhead, and I actually noticed what he was talking about while fighting it. I might have noticed this before had it been fresh on my mind in the past, but I found myself wishing the rod would bend to the cork, especially when the fish was head-shaking. I ended up getting the fish to my feet before it shook the hook and took off (the ideal conservationist release, which feels great in every way except for the missed grip and grin opportunity), but it seemed somewhat in doubt the whole time. Since then, I have really appreciated how some of my medium-progressive action rods have handled fish once hooked.

If these new Sage rods fight fish as well as they cast, they may indeed be worthy of being dubbed "One." Short of that, they will be merely another in a long line of the finest casting tools available from Sage (I will still wish I had "One" - or three).

As for the marketing stuff, with lifetime warranties and such limiting the frequency with which we NEED to purchase new rods, a rod manufacturer must make us WANT to purchase them to stay in business. Those of us who own older Sage rods and will almost inevitably need to replace them at some point should be okay with whatever they need to do to keep the doors open, even if that means we get subjected to outrageous, exaggerated claims once every couple of years. Sage/Redington have provided me with nothing short of outstanding customer service and products over the years, and they are a NW company, so I say long may they live. It will be interesting to see where they go with the naming convention for their next line; it would seem they have painted themselves into something of a corner with this "One."

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