Pinkfest 2011


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I'm gonna back out and ease the pressure on the seams. Sounds like a ton of fun, but I understand all about neighbors and parking and such. Thanks for the invite. Maybe another time.
ok, gotta ask. besides the obvious color of pink, what other colors and pattern suggestions would you all have for someone who's never cast a fly to a pink salmon? been looking at squid patterns, some streamers, etc, but not sure what works.


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Just got back from Neah Bay and the pinks are around close and making their way towards us. We got tired or hooking them as our sights were on their Coho and King brethren. Give it a month here and we'll be thick into them. Gotta start filling up my pink fly box!
I read your post. I'm just returned from a week in Mexico, flailing for Dorado.. Let's put it this way. My arms are tired from all the fish and big ones, too.
Hey Steve:

If you still have openings I'd love to attend! I've got a motorcycle so I can park anywhere, and I would be happy to tie up some flies for everyone as my bring-to gift! Please let me know if there are still slots available.

Okay. Here's the information on the Pinkfest. I currently have about 27 people not counting myself which is about what I had expected. The Pinkfest will be Sunday, August 14th at my family's property in Dash Point. It's a high bank property with access to the beach about one walking block. What I have in mind is a BBQ sometime beginning around 1:00 P.M. and lasting 5-6 hours as you like. There are no outside lights so as dusk comes, we will break up.

Parking is very limited and only Bob Jones and Les Johnson will be parking on site unless there are some special circumstances. I'm asking for everyone to drive in and drop off. Then park up the hill at the school parking lot ( 1 block).

Boat if you choose but tides will be moving all day and you may get beached. I plan to fish early and be at the site by noon or so. If you choose, bring some flies that you can trade as you like. I have planned no formal swap as such but you may want to exchange flies with someone as is the custom. I will have some to exchange if you choose.

This is a BBQ so plan on bringing some food that will serve several people. Salads, main-type dish, or dessert with something to serve it with. If you are a beer drinker, bring a little. If you are a soda drinker, bring a little. This is what I will provide: Burgers, buns, condiments, plates, napkins, cups, and plastic silverware. If you want to BBQ a fish, bring the necessary additives like sauce, rubs , or whatever. I'll have foil and there will be three gas BBQs there. One is very small but will accomodate fish as necessary. I'll also have garbage cans and recycling bins there and would ask that everyone use them faithfully.

Please remember that this is a family owned property and that we have neighbors as well. I'd like this to be a fun experience for everyone.

Directions: The easiet way is to do a Google map search for the address 8604 Eastdide Dr. NE, Dash Point, 98422. This is the neighbor's address and will put you at the head of the driveway. When you get there you can drive in and drop off, then go back out and up the hill to the school parking lot across from the fire station. If you need specific directions, e-mail me at

Here is a list of people who have requested to attend:

Bob Jones Jim Riggins Nick Clayton Roger Stephens Leland Myawaki
Mumbles Chris Johnson Chris (Topwater) Dylan D Paul Dieter
Evan Burck Mr. Bad Example Sean K Jim Dougher Swoff
Jeff Bandy Yellow Lab Denny Jimmy Rob Ast
Phil217 Ken Cahill Mr. E Banzai Kelvin
Michael K Smith Baseball Junkie

I think that's everybody. If I missed anyone, PM me but it looks like we are full. I probably won't make another post about this unless something important comes up. Looking forward to seeing you all. Don't forget to introduce yourselves around as we all don't know each other. It should be fun. See you then.