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My buddy wayne was nice enough to build me up a Lamiglas Honey 3wt a few years back. When he asked me what type of reel seat I wanted, I somehow got it in my head that it would be cool to have a retro looking cap/ring style seat on there. And to be honest, I really don't like fishing with it on there. With all the small stream bushwacking I do, the reel tends to get knocked loose far too often. Maybe if my life was full of LL Bean photoshoot rivers, I'd feel differently.

In any case, how easy/hard would it be to replace it with a up/down locking style of some sort?
Certainly doable--I replaced a seat and grip once on an older rod once.

With the careful application of heat (a heat gun or boiling water) the epoxy holding the seat will soften and the seat can be slid off. Once the blank is cleaned you can create some new arbors to fit under the new hardware and slide on the new seat. Certainly check with your buddy first to confirm that epoxy was used and not something like gorilla glue (have no idea if GG softens under heat). Also check the junction of the seat to the handle as if they are expoxied together it may damage the handle to remove the seat.

If do this--do not apply any sort of twisting motion as you can crack the blank really easily that way. Pull straight only.
If you are concerned that your reel will slip off with the cap/ring set up...try using some rubber O-rings in addition to the rings.

I have a honey lami with cap /rings and the O-rings really help secure my reel.

Otherwise to replace a reel seat...I use the boiling water approach.
Hey Josh,

If the ring is too big, you can put some thin fly tying foam under the reelseat. I have to do this under some seats to make the reel tight. Try that first, then like the others said, boiling water and put a reel on so you have more leverage to pull. Good luck....

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