Carp Questions

I was out doing a little smallmouth fishing and we found a little lake that is loaded with pretty good sized carp. I tried throwing bass flys and wooly buggers at them and I couldn't get a bite. what do you guys think would work for an eastern washington lake for carp? Also I have a 8'6" 4wt is that even strong enough to fight like 20 inchers and bigger carp? Thanks for the help.
For one thing your 4WT MIGHT work if your fish fighting skills are very good; otherwise it will get broken. Flies that will work include weighted varieties of San Juan Worm, Bead Headed Hare's Ear, damsel nymph patterns, small crayfish patterns etc. Most of all, presentation is key. Look for feeding carp and sight cast to them placing the fly within ~20 inch diameter area ranging from 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock around their head from gill to gill. Don't splash or line the carp as they will spook. Let the fly settle, give it a couple of short strips and watch for changes in the fish's behavior such as a turn of the head toward the fly. Set the hook then because you won't be able to feel the take most likely.

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