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In my favorite cold water lake, the smallies have been finishing up spawning in the last couple weeks and the fishing seemed to get really tough all of the sudden. I've tried deep water, shallow water, shoals, drop offs, docks, rock piles, etc. with only a few fish to show for my last two outings. Before and during the spawn (generally not fishing over beds btw), fishing was really hot, then just shut down in the last couple weeks for me.

I had assumed they would get more aggressive after coming off the beds, but I've read a couple articles that suggested they become lethargic for a few weeks afterwards. The lake level also rose about 5 feet in the past couple weeks, so maybe this has some influence in their behavior. Anyone else experience this during the post spawn period?


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I dont know about post spawn, but I have noticed lake level severely impacting the lake I fish. A couple weeks ago I was getting 2-4 fish for a lap once around the lake(about an hour). I was away on business for a week and the lake level rose probably about the same amount 5ish feet and I have been having a hard time this week getting any bites.


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>>Anyone else experience this during the post spawn period?<<

Sure... but when they recover they really eat. In a system like the Columbia they spread out and in that case you may have to go deep and/or cover water.


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The fish have to recuperate from the spawning activity. During post spawn they are normally in deep water suspended just letting their bodies regain strength from the spawn, give it about a week to two weeks and the fish will be very active again because now they have to feed again after all the post spawn activity. Then as summer gets into full swing they once again will move to the deep water rock piles and ledges.

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