Saturday in the Sound

Three of us fished outgoing tide (8:30-11:00 a.m.)from a Narrows beach on Saturday. A brief flurry of feeding activity (15 min or so)resulted in a few fish to net. Then all was silent again.

I've heard that resident silvers are mostly out of the Narrows by the beginning of March, and moving further north towards Lincoln Park and other central Sound venues. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

good fishin'
friday morning there was resident silvers all over the place around the fuel depot, in my northwest coastal fishing guide by doug olander, bruce furgeson speaks of fly fishing in front of the fuel depot and ramp (where people blackmouth fish) and thru rich passage in the spring and summer. I've fished along the seattle area checking out the place and west side of puget sound holds way more fish for central and north sound. its like fishing on the moon over there, just playin, but from what I seen manchester is loaded with bait and salmon. Ben

I know there is a northerly migration of most delayed release coho that occurs within the confines of Puget Sound (up to the San Juans and eastern Straits.) Don't recall exactly the details of it, however though I imagine that is probably occurring about now as the second year smolts resulting from natural spawning make their way out to sea about now, too. I doubt, however, the entire delayed release population behaves in like manner and (probably optimistically)assume there's always a population of resident coho swimming about in the South Sound.

FYI re: S. Sound thread, I got serious about finding fish today; didn't find any, but was serious about it none-the-less.

greg was there any herring clouds on the depth sounder? if so what area were you fishing. just got back from point no point cause the weather break and lost a 10+ fish at the boat, slack tide at 150 ft. seen hundreds of baby bullheads swimming around the sandy shallows. Ben

I was fly fishing for Blackmouth, mostly around kelp & eel grass beds, keeping the boat shallower than 60-feet. Didn’t see much in the way of herring balls. I figured herring would be spawning around now and the beds might be worth trying; guess I probably should have hit it slower and harder…oh, well. Maybe in another week or two it might be different. Was casting a 5-inch crippled herring pattern with an 8-wt., intermediate running line and Type-IV shooting head.

Drifted from Point Richmond to Sunrise Beach, shot over to Vashon Island and hit from Point Dalco to Neil Point then shot down to Point Fosdick. Fished the point to the mouth of Wollochet Bay then went into Hale Passage and fished around the NW point of Fox Island. Shot down to Point Gibson on the SE side and fished around to Fox Point. Then headed back toward the Harbor fishing Point Evans on the way back in. Saw several fly folks on the beach at Doc’s and at Point Fosdick…I give wide berth when I see folks fly fishing from the beach and will forego fishing that stretch while they are. Saw a few boats (20?) apparently mooching at the Clay Banks at Point Defiance.

greg is there kelp that far south in the sound? looks like you had a good day on the water from richmond point to fox Island. I love the calmness and tranquility of the south sound.( hope I spelled that right). ever try bottomfish at richmond point? worth a shot. gonna try sculphin patterns here next time I go out. well got to go back to work. Ben

There is some, but not the extent you'll find elsewhere. The section from Olalla to the mouth of Gig Harbor is an exception. The areas I fished mostly had relatively shallow drop-offs on/around points with some grass and/or kelp nearby. Guess I should have been more clear. They don't get the pressure other areas do, but produce none-the-less. I don't gear fish much anymore, although when I take my wife or in-laws out, I'll run the boat while they troll, jig or whatever; occassionally I'll cast a plug, spoon or spinner. In retrospect, I should have given Quartermaster Harbor a more serious look.


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