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Ed Call

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Okay, saw some wicked cool skaters today and I have been thinking of creating the wake and seeing the take. What are you skating, or what will you be skating when the rivers are about right? Come on, show some pictures, share some patterns, tell a story about the one that destroyed your fly.


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I may be way off base here, but if you are talking about the little 4 legged things that skate across lakes...

I use a smallish hook(16ish) tie on some reflective stuff then some black foam in gurgler fashion and some rubber legs that I cut short so they just barely touch the water like a skater. Optionally I put some white hackle on the underside or a red hackle tag.

Panfish love it and ive had one rainbow take one.

If you are talking about something else disregard.


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I'm using the floating fool,saw the pattern in a fly magazine last summer. has some unsinkable foam in it so needs no added fly dressing.


the sultan of swing
PM me your address and I'll send you a sample,I'm having trouble finding film for my kodak brownie so photos are not an option now that fotomat is out of business
I skated for the first time last year, and one day at that. Didn't get back till December so I didn't get another chance, but when I fished it, I watched several takes without a hookup.
This will be the year for sure, ill share the details when it happens :D
Had I known they could be so effective at inducing a strike, I would have fished them a lot more.

this is a Idlewilde bug, forgot the name, but could care less. Its a good bug.
Sorry about the fuzzy picture!



Ed Call

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Blake, Brian, Eric...nice! Thank you. Buddy of Benny, PM your way! Thank you too. I have wogs and bombers, some others from some books, just found some cool ones at my local shop and want to commit some time to skating flies. Maybe I catch a few, maybe I spend my time fishless standing in flowing water and great scenery. Both work for me!
Ed . My camera batteries are being charged right now , and I`ll have to dig through my fly boxes to find a fly that I bought in Smithers last year . When I locate it ,I`ll snap a pic and post it . I don`t recall the name of the fly , but it skates like nothing else I`ve ever seen .

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