A perfect day

Fished Pass Lake again today, hoping that it would be better than the wind and lack of fish the day before. Was on the lake by 7am, perfectly calm water with a little steam rising off the top. No surface action but I prefer to fish down deep anyway. Loaded up the rod with my usual olive leech pattern and alternated trolling and stripping for a few hours. Only caught two by 11am so I went in to rest and eat lunch. Got back out on the water and right at 1:00pm I found the spot and the bug. It was a big black leech with lots of blue sparkle throughout the body. Trolled back and forth across the lake catching fish almost every ten minutes. Most of the fish were pretty tricky to land seeing as how the eagles were swarming my boat every single hookup. Overall one of the best days I've had in quite a while out there.
Here's some pictures of the bigger ones, and the lazy "predator" that tried to steal my fish.
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Nice looking fish. I haven't fished Pass in a long time - makes me want to try it again. Thanks for the report.
Do you see many browns being caught there anymore? Used to be quite a few.


northwest flyfisherman who lives in the desert
i caught a couple of large browns there two years ago... I will be in the area for a month starting mid july... feel free to say hello as I expect to fish it every day till i head back to socal.
I've only caught one brown this year, but I spoke to a guy up there that caught quite a few the other day. He was stripping back minnow patterns from the banks.

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