I won't be bragging up my Renzetti any longer.

Tonight, I was tying a Steelhead/ Bull Trout leech on a size 6 streamer hook shank. Ironically, I was telling myself while I was tying it, that it seems I always keep my vise pretty loose, and my fly usually moves a little while tying. I've taken great care of my Renzetti Traveler, and always bragged it up. I love this little vise. But tonight I had an issue. Just got the shank prepped, bunny strip tied in, dubbing loop dubbed, and ran out to the garage to grab a tool, only to come back and see my fly hanging on my bobbin rest, and my jaw looking like this-->

Pretty ticked off due to the fact that I take care of this thing and never over-tighten my hooks. It's not like I tie that much either.

And now it's gonna cost me about $40 to fix it. I've heard of people bitching and moaning about Renzetti's being junk, and I still believe it's a great vise, so I guess I will buy the replacement part for now. A lot of guys seem to switch to the knob style of jaws over the cam style, which is what I have.

Here's the new jaws, I think this should do it.



Chad Lewis

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This makes two Renzettis I know of that have had the jaw break. Maybe two is really nothing and that's all that have failed in world, but I thought you might want to know. Misery loves company and all that....
that vise could be for smaller hooks because i have the same vise and they said it was for like up to size 6 to small as you wanna go, but i have never used a six on my vise and i usually have my hook in there where it will bounce a little but not where the whole hook will move
Well the biggest i've tied on was a 4 in this vise, and I tie almost all of my flies with just the shank in the jaws, leaving most of the pressure on a straight piece of metal. I cut off the bend and point of the hooks prematurely so i can smooth them out with a Dremel. Almost all of my flies use a trailer hook.

So I'm not too positive what caused this failure. I might give them a shout sometime this week and see what the hell is up.


I cann't tell for sure but from the pic it looks like the metal is crystalized below the screw. If so Renzetti owes you one in my opinion.

I used to own a Traveler with the non-cam jaws . Hated it . I was tying (mostly) small flies , and found the jaw settings to be waaaay to fidgety hold the hook securely . The hook would either be too tight , and sometimes be spit out of the jaws at about Mach 6 , or too loose .It was probably just me , but I could never find the happy medium . Traded the vise for a Hardy Princess and spool . The guy I traded with still loves the Traveler . He now owns two of them .

I now own the Master , and I like the cam jaws on it .
I have a real old traveler which has the old screw jaws, they worked OK but I replaced them with the cam jaws when they first came out, much better, but the tip of one jaw broke a couple years ago. Unless you replace both jaws you need to send your good jaw to Renzetti so they can match it to the replacement jaw. The jaws are not under warranty, it ended up costing, as I recall, about $60? after shipping. I was not happy with there customer service but I still like there vise and haven't had any other problems since and I use it for everything including 4/0 salmon hooks and some commercial tying. I would stay with the cam jaws, they are much better and faster.
This is a somewhat normal, although infrequent occurence with Renzetti. Sometimes, they will help you out, other times, you're on your own.
Good time to switch to Nor vise..................
Good time to switch to Nor vise..................
I'm not one to have an extra 300 bucks laying around to spend on a vise. Haha!

Seems like a shitty situation. Seems like everyone that has busted a jaw, has to buy a replacment. I don't like that type of customer service, and not because I don't want to spend money. Straight up, it shouldn't have broke. In my eyes, they should replace it for the cost of shipping. Oh well, that's just how the cookie crumbles.

Now I'm in a huge pickle. Waiting for my hours to go up at work, so I can save up some extra cash, and perhaps buy a new, different brand or rotary vise.

I'm wondering if I should fix it, sell it, and buy something different, or keep it (maybe fix it), and buy something different. I'm stuck.

Looking at Regals a little bit, even though I said I'd never own one. I really want a Norvise, but I don't want to break the bank.
I would email Renzetti customer service and include your picture. To me there is a difference between chipping the jaws because
you placed the hook to close to the edge verses your failure. Your failure appears to be a more structural failure not user error.
But until you talk directly to renzetti you don't truely know your options. Ultimaly it will be cheaper to fix your current vise
then buy an "equal" quallity replacement and it will be easier to sell a fixed vise if you choose to change later.
This happened to my traveller as well, trying to tie some larger steelhead flies.

Regardless, it's a factory defect and was quickly replaced. It happens to vices no matter the brand.

I've seen this happen to friends' norvises', and a variety of other higher end products.
Thanks guys, I think I'll e-mail them and see what they have to say about it.

Anyone have their e-mail address? They don't have it posted on their site.