I won't be bragging up my Renzetti any longer.


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Seems to me that they should replace it for free! There's no reason for this to happen if you ask me. If they don't replace it for free, then obviously others have had problems, so, it's costing them money. I'm careful with mine so far, because I have heard of this happening.
Jaws exploded on my cam traveler. They told me to send it in and maybe they'd help me out and maybe they wouldn't --not really what I wanted to hear as a commercial tyer. I switched to a Griffin Montana Mongoose and was generally happy, though the jaws chipped too easy (went through two sets in less than 25,000 flies). Now I'm tying on a Jvice, as is one of our other tyers. 10,000 flies in and no problems. www.jvice.com


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Wow. I never particularly liked Renzetti, but this is pretty amazing. I've never seen jaws come apart like this nor heard of indifferent customer service like this.

My first vise, some 12-15 years ago was a Traveller. Talk in the fishing press was all about these new-fangled rotary vises. Had to have one. Never did like it. It never seemed stable and I was always tightening something. Kinda put me off on the whole rotary thing for awhile. Went fast on Ebay, though.

Turned 180 degrees from the Traveller and got an HMH. No gadgets. No frills. Just a solid piece of hardware. Tied on that for years.

Since then I've aquired a half dozen vises including rotary. I've got a Regal and a couple of Dyna-King models and a Griffen. All built better than that Renzetti.
Well guys,

I e-mailed Lily and she replied saying this, and I quote "Please remove jaws and send them in, Lily."

Thought that was a little rude in a sense that she didn't apologize or anything. Oh well, as long as they fix it.

Looking at getting a Nor-Vise after this one is repaired.

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I still stick with my Barracuda. Big (like me), beat the living crap out of it when I used it to travel with too (now have a Jr Trekker for that). Still going strong and have tied thousands of flies with it. Love that vise. :)


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Well, it wasn't designed for the cam lever. That came because people couldn't figure out the original knobs. Which work great by the way on the renzettis and the older Norvise. It's too easy to put too much pressure if the jaws aren't setup right with the lever. You may indeed have a faulty jaw. Renzetti does make a great product and will take care of you either way I'm sure. It sucks when it happens to you, especially the down time on a tool we all just expect to work. For ever! It's freakin' metal afterall:mad:
I've always wanted to buy the jaws with the knobs, I like that system much better.

Tonight, I bought some new materials, put my old original standard vise on my desk, and went to town. Tied a couple Steelhead patterns, and two and a half dozen pink Charlies for Pinks.

Atleast that one won't let me down :D
Loren, what did you want Lily to say? She asked you to send your jaws in to her, right?
Just seems weird of how 'Blah' she was about it. Yes, I'm glad she wanted me to send them in, but any other customer service I've ever had through e-mail acted much more concerned and apologized for the inconvenience. I don't know, maybe it's just my high expectations. I could have been a whole lot more of a hassle to them then what I was. I was very much polite, and did not hassle them via phone call and what not.


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Looking at getting a Nor-Vise after this one is repaired.
If you are prepared to adjust your tying style to the design of this vise then you will love it. If you are not willing to do this then you will be far more disappointed then you are with poor over worked Lilly (whoever she is).

-this is my standard Norvise description and I can pretty well guarantee it's accuracy. Personally when I switched over to it years ago I wanted to shake up my tying routine as I was getting a little bored and I've been a happy camper ever since. But not everyone wants to do this and that's why lightly used norvises are one of the easiest pieces of equipment to buy.

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