March 1 Opener


I fished Lenice with a buddy on the March 1 opener. We arrived around 10 am to see lots of people there. Parking lot was a zoo but the lake is big enough and folks were all friendly. We fished buggers for most of the day and just caught a few fish. I landed 3 fish and my buddy managed to land 2. We lost many more. Speaking with others some did not catch anything and others caught a few. We did not see anyone really catch lots, it seemed like most just got a fish or 2. Most were fishing chronomids and lots were trolling/stripping streamers, both seemed to produce about the same. Weather was fantastic, little wind, lots of sun, even got a mild sunburn.

How was the other lakes?? Anyone fish Lanore, Burke, Seeps lakes, Quail?? How did Lenice fish on Saturday or Sunday? Anybody fish Nunnally??

Scott Salzer

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We avoided the March 1 opener lakes, but did hit an eastern lake. It was cold at night, 15 - 18, but beautiful during the day. Water temp was about 39 degrees. People fished chronies but didn't seem to do that well. I hit fish one day on a small flash back, casting to working fish in shallow water. It was great. Found the most consistent action on a zonker fished deep and slooooow. Three quick strips, then stop for a few seconds, then strip again, let sit. Most fish hit on a dead drift. Had a lot of LDR's. Biggest was 22". Only caught on brown, 16"

Bob Coma

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Fished Lenice Friday and Saturday with great success. Friday it was a size 14 black c-mid with a red wire rib and silver seed bead that did most of the damage. Saturday I found more takers on Chan's Chromie, size 14. Both days olive leech patterns worked well and large woolhead sculpins did the trick as the sun was going down. It probably was around a 50 fish weekend with my buddy doing around the same. The lure guys were doing pretty good too. Better than I can ever remember them doing in he past. We mainly fished the west end by the small islands looking for the deeper water off and between the shallows. Rainbows, browns, and a few of those tigers.

Greg Moore

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Any surface activity with the Tiger trout? What was the water temp? Were you in a float tube or pontoon?

Thanks for the info!


Bob Coma

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No surface action at all on anything. I did try a foam head c-mid late in the day, but the rises were few and far between. It was easier to just throw a big sculpin pattern at the occasional riser. Toss it in the general vicinity, a couple of quick strips and hold on. The water was running between 42 and 44 degrees. We were fishing out of pontoons using 5x flourocarbon tippet around 7ft under the strike indicator. I'm not sure it makes any difference, but when I was fishing leeches and sculpins I was using a clear stillwater line. It sinks slower and is supposed to be fairly invisible. In that clear shallow water of Lenice, I've just got more confidence using that sort of line.

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